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Squatting With the Oldie


Wed Feb 15

Oh My God, my back was sore, my hamstring was feeling bad, so I was not expecting much. I Was Wrong.
I warmed up with the empty bar for 12 reps, stretched really well and felt my joints popping. Growing old is really not for sissies. Then sets of 10 with 110, 145, 235. So as further proof that even an old fart runs on ego. I went to 275 for 10 reps and all were below parallel. Then I went for a new experience. Unchartered waters, the outer realms of lifting, and such. I loaded the bar to 295 and began cranking. After 4 reps I was told I was super deep, then I caught my breath at 6 reps, then I actually did rep 8 with no air in my lungs, dangerous, then I finished off with 10 reps. Another PR and I was stoked. I fought for every rep and I know now it is true, "That which does not kill you only makes you stronger."
I had 2 judges watching my squats and they both said every rep below parallel by a lot. I can feel the blood in my legs and head, I am breathing hard, and it feels damn good.
Then pause squats sets of 5 with 165, and then 225. Did a full 2 second pause each rep and exploded out of the bottom. The bottom was judged to be 2 inches below parallel.
Then reverse hypers 3 sets of 10 with 300 on the mast. My butt power is getting awesome.
What a workout for an old fart. I will be the strongest geezer in the home. The other powerlifters in the gym all came and congratulated me, even a top bodybuilder did. This is what makes powerlifting a great sport, the sportsmanship, and friendship.


Brother,you made my day!I'm a masters 3 powerlifter in the 181s.That popping,crackling sounds sooo... good as we hit PRs.Way to go on your PR.I'm training for the masters nationals in june.Keep hitting the iron hard,best of training to you.Keep us posted on you PRs.TRAIN HARD Jimmy T!


Yep, yer gonna die.

This might delay it, though;-)


Which Masters are you training for? I am going to Killeen in May. One thing I think helping is when I use the Allen Core Wheel, I refer to it as the wheel of pain. I have 4 different exercises we do with it. Look up the thing on the web, it is pretty cool to use.




Great lift brother!!! Keep those young kids on their toes.



I'm going to the NASA Masters Nationals in OK. City in June.I'm thinking of going to Killeen to watch in May.The USAPL totals are very competative in my weight class,and on par with NASA's.I will check out the Alan Core Wheel and thanks for the info.Pleasure to meet a fellow masters powerlifter.What is your weight class and age group?Best of training to you.Keep me posted and I will do the same,TRAIN HARD Jmmy T!


I am in the 275 class and the 55 -59 age group. Come on down and you will see some great lifting. I will be lifting on Sunday afternoon. More darn fun.


I'll be there brother!Looking forward to meeting you.TRAIN HARD!Jimmy T


Good luck to all you folks!!!!! Please post your results. Heck PM me if you have to. I competed in my first one last April. Best folks I ever met. So I'm very interested in absorbing any and all offerings.


Just thought I would see how your training is coming along.I started doing crunches and hyperextensions with weight as I move closer to the Nationals.I'm waiting for eight weeks out to start my cycle.I'm squatting today.QuarterTonner is a 198er and training for the Nationals too!TRAIN HARD! Jimmy T


How is your training coming along?Powrelifting is a way of life.I'm glad to here you got the PL fever too!What is your weight class?TRAIN HARD! Jimmy T


Kinda had a setback and tore my pec. Can't be fixed. But I'm gonna keep squatting and deadin and I have to put up 250 in the bench, so be it. I compete 220 right now. I did 242 last time out and I'd really like to get to 198. (214 right now.) Love the people, love the sport. Thanks for the encouragment.


Hang in there bro!I came back from a torn bicep tendon and have full capacity back!Funny thing is we learn to adapt and train around a injury.Good luck and TRAIN HARD!Jimmy T