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Squatting With Heel


Uhh so it feels better when i squat with my regular nike's on, and 5lb plates under them (like oly shoes)..feels more comfortable and all that..how come everoyne says chuck taylors are so good for squatting?..i was squatting witha flat pair of shoes (not chuck taylors)..just a flat pair..and it feels more comfrotable with the other way i do it..im thinknig of buying some kinda shoe with a heal..and no my knees dont go past my toes, and i go ass to grass all the time..just feels better to me..anyone else have this?



It can depend on style and build. Quad dominant style squatting vs hip dom style squatting. It can depend on your flexibility, your mobility, your ability to maintain a tight arch even if you are flexible enough. Hard to say online though. Can you find a USA Weightlifting coach or attend a seminar to have your form/style looked at?


The major difference here is just biomechanics and how you are built. Personally, I like the flat soled shoes for squatting, but i talk to people all the time who like heels when they squat or like to have a board under their feet.


These guys pretty much covered it. I use OL shoes for squatting. Moderate stance, ATG. I couldn't imagine doing a PL squat with these high heeled shoes (although I have no experience in that squat style).


I have a bulging disk at L5-S1 that I seem to hurt every six months squating powerlifting style.

Would squatting with plates under my heels make any difference?


Worth a try, since there isn't as much forward lean, there would be less stress on your back.


Well I do heavy GM's for lower back..I can feel my GLUTES and HAMS SCREAM the next day when i squat (using the 5lb paltes under as a heel)..just because I go TOTALLY down..all the way ATG on every rep..so it efinaetly brings in the glutes and hams (for me)..

I just feel I have a bit better form and can squat weights easier when i have a bit wider than shoulder width, and having a heel. It works good for me..also I do deadlifts to work my lower back so that helps.



I just started using a heel lift yesterday when I was doing my squats. It's only been in the last couple of months that I've been trying to do my squats ATG, and doing them that way without a heel lift didn't work that great.... I got a sharp pain in the left side of my groin once I got past parallel.

Yesterday with the heel lifts I didn't notice any pain...so I'm gonna stick with the heel lifts.


I've heard it's bad for your knees if you squat with plates under your heels, is there any truth to this?


I believe Inzer do a squat shoe / boot with heel check it out (may be pricey though).



Sounds like you have bad flexibility.


Who here squats barefoot? I've been doing them barefoot for months now and just love it.


I found that without shoes with heel, you can't expect to go ATG in any olympic lift or squat without your toes pointing out (at least i can't).

And since i started doing olympic lifts with Chuck Taylors, my hip hurts because it isn't such a natural movement. I tend to snatch the bar a little bit too much in front of me too because i'm not wearing heeled shoes.

It seems that Chuck Taylors are the best for P-lifting stance (large) and Heeled shoes are the best for an olympic stance (narrow).

The heeled shoes also gives you the opportunity to keep a neutral position with your spine when you go very low.