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Squatting with Flats and Heels


Hey guys I've always squatted with construction boots (that have a heal) I started mainly cause the oly lifters train in their heeled shoes. It felt pretty damn comfortable to me so I stuck with it.

Tonight though I made a switch to wearing flats, I did feel a bit more stable and I actually think this might help my deadlift..cause I deadlift in flats, I also put my feet a bit closer together opposed to my wider squat stance with the boots.

Just wondering what you all squat in..differences you feel between boots and heels. Do you feel that closer squatting with flats helps your deadlift? etc.


i squat in chucks which are flat. flat soled shoes allow you to get your hips into the movement. i find that healed shoes allow you to get more quads into the lift. it really depends on your type of squatting style and if you are a "hip" squatter or a "quad" squatter.

you definitely should be squatting in flat shoes.. the less the better for deads. i deadlift in my socks and use wrestling shoes when i compete.

i don't know about the close stance helping my deadlift. i squat with a just outside my shoulders stance.


I squat in weightlifting shoes with a heal, and deadlift in slippers, which is pretty much barefoot.

I love the heel for squatting, I am a close stance leg(quad) squatter, but a heel can also work for wide stance hip squatters too. Squatting with a heal is pretty popular in the IPF.


I squat barefoot. Just socks works like a charm.


I squat in Olympic shoes (Romaleos) and used to squat in Chucks. I like the Oly shoes because they are actually built for squatting, and feel more solid overall. My stance is a little bit wider than shoulder width, and the Oly shoes still work like a charm. I deadlift in Adidas Sambas.