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Squatting with a Club Foot


This relates to squats and me having a club foot from birth. Ok, so my left foot has half the flexibility of my right foot due to it's arch. I still squat and go as low as I can, but my left foot simply can't bend enough so that my legs are parallel. I wind up stabilizing myself with the front of my foot and toes, as I reach parallel or slightly lower than parallel, with my left knee higher than my right knee. Should I just do what I can do and try to keep the best form that I can? I'm not doing that much weight yet, three sets of 225 at six reps. I've also been working a lot more on my back lately, so that at least I can keep form from the hip up.


Hmm local aenesthetic and a dremmel tool?.......


Maybe look up some training information on Doug Hepburn, he had a club foot and was one of the strongest lifters ever


I'll have to do that when I get home, thanks for the info.


Hijack: where are you at in bama?


So this is just a thought but... I've heard a number of people suggest placing 5lb plates under your heels to compensate for insufficient ankle flexibility/mobility. If you haven't already tried this, it might be worth looking into. (Obviously you'd want to place plates under both your heels, so as not to create some sort of imbalance.) Also, a weightlifting shoe with a raised heel, like the Adidas Ironworks, might provide some benefit.




Well there is already an imbalance, placing a plate under my left heel, would probably make it so I could have some semblance of good form though. Thanks for the idea.