Squatting with a Bowed Right Leg.

I put this on combat, because in addition to a little lifting I kinda do these things called jiu jitsu, and muay thai. SO guys; every time I squat my right leg is pushed in towards my left leg. This happens at the knee, and I can’t seem to correct it (without significant pain). Suggestions? Advice? KMC I feel like you might be able to help me on this!

This belongs somewhere else.
Regardless of what you do, this is a lifting issue, not a combat one.

go post this same q? in power lifting-and you will get some more specific advice.

Ill give you a big ass hint

glute activation-

weak glutes not knees is what causes knees to cave- ( usually)
allot of it can start with ankle mobility- or over supination (rolled out feet)
and travel up the leg to the hips that way.

add more glute specific warmups- glutebridges - one leg glute bridges

Weighted Glute bridges- with a barbell will do wonders for your other Pchain stuff.

I like kmcnyc’s advice. I also think you need to lower your poundages to a weight that you can do with perfect form. Bad squats are as bad for you as good squats are good for you. A knee caving in can obviously cause knee problems. It can also result in spinal injury at worst and strength and flexibility imbalances at the best throughout the trunk and legs. Split squats, reverse lunges, or single leg presses might be good alternatives to the squat for now, with the added bonus that you can test and compare strength differences in the movements.