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Squatting vs. . Attention Deficit Disorder

I’m currently trying to study to get ahead in my career, I have a problem with ADD, not the hyper-active one, I’m the day dreamer, so it’s really hard to study. Well I hit the weights all the time and I hit the hard. I find that the best time to study is after my squat or my deadlift sessions and usually can concentrate for the following two days. After that my concentration tapers off a bit. I am using Ritalin, I choose this drug for personal reasons so I don’t want to change. Q: is the intense leg sessions giving me a hormone release that helps me concentrate better or is it that I am just tired, therefore my mind is not as active, therefore I can concentrate better. I’m thinking it’s the lack of too much mental energy. I have not hit a heavy leg session in two weeks, but I have been doing plenty of chins, chest and everything else just as hard plus running a lot to drop extra pounds. Can you guys let me know what you think?

I don’t know, but I think this should go to the top of the list

It’s my understanding that ADD affects the brain’s difficulty in being stimulated. And that Ritalin is given in order to “kickstart” the neurons. That is why those that have ADD get a boost and function more alertly. And those that do not have ADD actually decrease in their level of alertness (too much stimulation). So in your example of being able to concentrate better after squatting. It is probably due to the increased exertion you are putting on yourself in order to complete your workout. And the carryover affect is that you are able to concentrate better afterwards (although 2 days seems like alot for a workout). I haven’t heard too much about hormone release helping with concentration. My suggestion would be to notice what other activities increase your mental alertness such as listening to music, talking with people or watching porn. Ooops! skip that last one… maybe. Then pick those activities that give the right amount of stimulus to concentrate better. Good Luck!!

Have you tried Powerdrive, it gives me incredible focus Ive been using it almost since it came out, usually just for workouts but it lasts for a while after.I also use it to study.
At first I didnt notice much but as time went by I started to notice its subtle yet powerful effect.

I have to take about 30mg of ritalin and sometimes take MD6 to help, I can feel a concentration buzz from MD6 alone but not enough to hit the books for 3.5hrs. I’m going to keep deadlifting/squatting to help out, this combination seems to work just fine. If anybody else has anything to add I appreciate
it. Thanks to all of those who responded.