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Squatting to Failure?


Ok so i know you have to push yourself on squats. My question is do you train to failure on them?

i.e say you squatted x amount of weight for 5 reps and on the 6th you get half or even a quarter of the way up and have someone help you raise it. Is this good or should you stop before you reach this point of failure and leave 1 in the tank or whatever?


Failure with a loaded bar on your back could mean failure in life. I wouldn't mess with this with someone else's spine.

I would say the goal with any kind of axial loading should be to never miss a rep, leave one or more in the tank.


Well its not like im completely failed i just mean a slight touch about 3/4s out of parrallel (if you see what i mean?)

Still a no go?


failing in a power rack is fun if you're in a gym that doesn't punish you for being loud. the first time i tried 335x1 i had to dump it, and had a similar issue when i tried to front squat 245x1. i'm sure having failed reps all the time isn't a good thing, but sometimes it's fun to see how far you can go with it. i don't see any danger in failing on a front squat.

personally, i've been doing 5/3/1 for my back squat, so there are those built in "or more" sets where you can push it to the limit if you'd really like to. sometimes i go for only smooth/explosive reps, but sometimes i'll keep cranking them out till i feel like i'm gonna pass out.

some guys who are more jacked than me might have something different to say, but those are my experiences


As long as its your legs and not your back that is doing the failure, it's fine. I'd consider it a failed rep if you can't keep form, even if you can muscle it up.