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Squatting Technique/Low Back Issue


When I get towards the bottom of the squat (PL style) I lose the arch in my back and my hip tilts (?) backwards (because my hamstrings are not flexible enough?). To me that sounds like a reasonable explanation why I'm loose at the bottom of the squat and as far as I've seen on PL videos the pros retain an arched back throughout the whole movement.

Am I correct to assume that having a rather flat almost round back anytime during squatting is a bad idea, and what can I do to improve this.

I thought of stretching the hamstrings... Anybody got thoughts on that?

Thanks a lot


Yea, um google some of Eric Cressy's and Mike Robertson's joint articles.


Actually, by stretching your hams and glutes you should sort out your "problem".
SynerStretch offered a very good stretching exercise for hams focuses on stretchin pelvic side of hamstrings.
Pavel T ( I know he's getting bashing here, but he knows a thing or 2 on stretching) in one of his books - would need to check the title - gives very good pointers re hams and gluuts flexibility for squats too

Personally, I am in favour of PNF as a means of getting flexible for strengh sports.



I'm pretty sure I've read most of Eric Cressy's and Mike Robertson's articles... I just wanted to check whether there are any specific stretches that are commonly used...

I'll try and find some of Pavel's stuff. I've read some of his stuff ages ago.

I'm surprised I haven't ever read about anybody else having the same issue. Is everybody else that flexible in the hamstrings?


wider stance.


hope you can read/see anything


these 2 are really good. there are plenty others, but simply do some regularly and you should have positive results in 4-6 weeks

(PNF NO more than 2xweek + other passive stretches - may be the same exercise but with no resisting phase - can be done daily or even a few times a day.
Simply do as much as you need - no more no less

the tip about sligtly wider stand is a good one too - as a matter of fact


well . . . I guess 2 scans I made for you did not go through :frowning:

File too big??


One that really helped me was to stratch the hip by pulling the hip across the front of the body-across the pelvis.


I vary the width of my stance but even if I go extremely wide I can't maintain the arch. I'll try and improve my flexibility and use a wide stance until I can move further in again.

mertdawg, I haven't got a clue what you were doing. Stretch the hip across the pelvis? You must be really flexible ^^


Sorry, let's try again. Lie on your back. Raise one leg straight up so that the femur is perpendicular to the ground, but with a bent knee so that the lower leg is parallel to the ground. Pull the knee across the front of that body toward the opposite side.


I am trying to picture this as well. Do you intend this one for you piroformis or sides of your lower back?


Piriformis! Thats it! When I started to stretch that, it really helped me from having the hips roll under.

By the way, I have seen studies that show that even the benst olympic lifters roll under at the bottom.


I got it now... I think I've seen that stretch in some T-Nation article already... I've included it into my stretchin groutine.

I looked at poerlifters and some of them "roll under" slighty as well but I think you are in a more stable and safe position if you back is arched properly. Also I think when I play rugby it's safer...

thanks guy