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Squatting Shoes

Alright it’s been said numerous times at elitefts. and this site. Chuck Taylor’s Converse for squatting. Flat shoe, you can push your feet to the side, all that kinda stuff. Mmm I never squatted with those, but I did squat with basicallythe same kinda shoe, just not that name brand. Flat shoe all that kinda stuff. Now I was just fooling around and I started to squat with my adidas shoes…I think they are cross-trainers, so yeah it has that slight heal and all. For me I can actually squat more and feel more stable and all that squatting with them. Anyone else have this?. How come I have this?..Oh and like I didnt squat or anything for about a month cause I had a sprained back…so when I got back into training I started with those shoes and I was just squatting weights much easier. Can anyone explain the basis to this?


This (the Adidas) would be like squatting with a board under the heels, but in a lesser manner (less height). Some people think its easier, and certainly for certain physiques, i.e taller people it may well be.

Additionaly some people say it takes the glutes out of the movement and emphasises the quads more, which I tend to disagree with. In my opinion, which may not be worth much, its places more stress on the patella region (knee) and there are ways to improve your squat posture and general technique which will enable you to squat without raised heels.

The issue of enlargement of the glutes seems to stem more from a genetic predispotition than the fact that ssquats actually make your ass enlarge to record size, if your family has big glutes then the squat may well bring this to light in yourself.

I’d experiment with wider stances and assistance or working with exercised like hyperextensions and stretching properly once warmed up to help you squat without raised heels.

Well I don’t know, cause after doing a ton of squats maximal/submaximal…I can definaetly feel my glutes being sore as hell the next day. I use a wider than shoulder width too. I don’t really know what it could be…maybe everyones just different. I always squatted with flat shoes. I don’t have flexibility issues because I’m pretty damn mobile and I’m only 16 and have always been real active. I also read before that one of the ppl on elitefts uses skateboarding shoes to squat cause it felt more comfortable and right for him. Sorry, I cant remember who it was though.


I have toppled forward at the end of a set squatting with raised heels, more out of fatigue than anything, but I do wear flat shoes now, Van’s.

If you have back pain its interesting to note that the lower back may flex if hip flexibility is inadequate. Increasing hip flexibility is therefore paramount.

The other area which might become injured is the knee, problems can arise when the tissues of the calf and thigh touch together altering the center of rotation back to the contact area creating a ‘dislocation’ effect. Its worth looking at the mechnics of the movement, trying flat shoes, increasing flexibility, particularly in the hips and protecting your back and knees with good form.

Mmmm I dunno I just started squatting with these shoes, cause I always squatted with flat shoes…I’ll see how it goes…but like…my knees arent passing my toes or anything…I’m still beding using the hips/sit back and all that kinda stuff. Just feels more comfortable.


I love my Chuck Taylor’s but as long as you’re not squatting in those shoes with the air or springs in them I think it’s mostly a comfort issue.

And squats totally make my ass grow like crazy, too. I found when I started squatting with better form my glutes exploded.

Yeah they definaetly arent air or springs. They are solid adidas, and its only slightly elevated. I just like it lol.