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Squatting Problem

I’ve never been a fan of squatting since I can’t do it right. Recently I have been trying to squat, but my form just sucks.

My main problem is that I am not quite sure what the ‘right’ form is. I have read most of the squatting articles here and on elitefts.com but I’m still not sure. If I try to keep my knees from going over my toes and try to sit back while not bending forward, I simply get stuck. Does anyone know of videos that show proper form?

My second problem is a flexibility issue. I can’t get past parallel and even parallel is problematic. But I can go past parallel if I lean forward enough without a bar. Anyone have ideas on what might be the problem area in this case?

These are probably stupid questions, but I can’t seem to find a solution on my own.

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It sounded like that coach was dirty-talking the trainee.