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Squatting Problem

Hey, fitone, funny that you recommended the balance board. I was just now reading about it in a past T-Mag article. It seems to have great rehab value!

Sorry eric, I have this “trying to get me” feeling in the t-forums lately, maybe jsut my imagination coupled with my poor english skills.

Anyway what I was talking about was “pulling your hips out of theur sockets”, as if opening up your butt chicks in the bottom position of the squat.

Tampa terry - we all have vulnerable joints - those that get tendonitis or lack cartilage or lose range of motion very quickly or get sore etc. mine is the hip. anyways, as you know the body actulay “loses” any skill not being used - and specifically, range of motion. since range of motion in the hip is important for squating it’s obvious we need that ROM. why it’s lost? I heard this explanantion from Pavel Tsatsuline: when some part of ROM is not used for a while, proprioception is lost there and the body wont let a joint go where there’s no preprioception so we have to gradualy “remind him” of our ROM. thats why mobility drills are so good for ROM (they are also good for active rest)

I have some good books on the subject.
In general, move the joint through the entire range of motion (circles or side to side moves) in slow and controled motions, Tsatsuline recommends strating with 10 reps and going to 200 a day for trouble some joints, best done in the morning and as a warmup to your routine. another excelent mobility and joint-care program is scott sonnon’s “worrior wellness”

hope this helps


I would like to second Iron Maiden’s comments on chiropractic. Finding a good one is the key. And if the problem can be fixed with adjustments, she won’t have to worry about it “moving back” easier.

Also, this type of problem tends to cause some really tight muscles which would only make the squatting problem worse. I don’t know much about ART, but that should help. Another thing to consider would be some yoga practice. I could recommend some specific poses/stretches when you guys figure out exactly what the problem areas are.

I second karma’s thought that it might be an anatomical imbalance. My left leg is slightly (1/2 inch) shorter than my right, and it plays hell with me when I squat. I don’t have the “hip drift” problem that your friend does, but I do tend to lean slightly when I come up out of the hole. And I know my right leg always takes more than half the stress, as it’s usually sorer than my left.

A couple of suggestions that no one’s thrown out yet:

Try the (gasp!) Smith Machine. Your friend can “throw” her weight one way or the other without falling over and learn a new tracking groove for the movement. Then, once the muscle memory’s set, she can go back to free weights.

If irondoc’s suggestions don’t pan out, try placing a small plate (5 or 10 pound) under one heel and see if that doesn’t alleviate the problem. A temporary “symptom fix”, but it’s a lot less costly than orthotics.

Hope this helps.

If there is weakness it may be the gluteus med. A muscle in the abductor group. The glute med. decelerates hip adduction and internal hip rotation. It is a part of the frontal plane stabilizer.

Typically squatting problems come from a flexibility problem.

Does her knee internally rotate or seem to collapse as she shifts?

What happens with her feet, do they pronate (flatten) or externally rotate (turn out)?

Does her lumbar spine hyperextend?

I suppose this is the best thread to post my question (I appologize for going slightly off topic…but it’s a squatting problem).

A friend of mine has a tendency to buckle her knees on the way up from doing deep squats. Any advice I can give her besides focusing on driver her knees out?

Tree, I’ll find out.

BTW, Tree, I would like to thank you publicly for the fabulous advice you gave me on my epicondylitis (and for asking the questions that helped me to diagnose the darn thing!) My workouts are going well. I’m doing my rice bucket drills and feeling stronger (and more pain-free) with every passing day. You really know your stuff in this area! I’m THRILLED with my progress.

ND, your question is most appropriate to the topic at hand. If your question doesn’t get answered (i.e., if it gets lost in the fray), just post it fresh, as a new thread with you as the author. We’ve got a great turnout so far from some of the forum heavyweights. Hopefully someone will stop by shortly with an answer.

Hi T!!
Just wanted to tell you that if you chew on some sashimi while you are squatting then this will allow…

na I just wanted to contribute to your plithe- but alas I had nothing… It was the thought that counts.

You are always so helpful in the forum, and I think over our lunch Cake said of all the people in the Forum he most wanted to see your pictures up on the forum!!!

So I am grateful for all your help and even though I’ve got nothing for you I still wanted to say THANKS! ;0)

Kong, I’ll mention the yoga stretches. That’s something I’ve beeen looking at taking up myself for flexibility and ROM. I can’t think of anything that would balance out the lifting of weights more.

Hey, there E~Pluribus Unum. Thank you so much!!! It doesn’t matter whether you contribute to my thread/problem or not. You contribute to the forum and are no different than me in the fact that you are willing to share what you know. We ALL have something to contribute, even if it’s nothing more than a kind word or a smile. That’s what makes T-Mag such a wonderful place!

Like many of us who hang out here, I’m a “work” in progress. I have a pretty stubborn/slow/resistant metabolism, which is why I’ve made the study of body composition manipulation my hobby and passion. I’ll post those pics when I have something I can post proudly. Until then, like a lot of others here on the forum, I continue to fight the good fight. (grin)

You keep up the good work, girl! It’s great having you on the board.

Just a wild-a$$ thought – does she deadlift with a mixed grip, always supinating the same side? I read an article a long time ago on Cyberpump that went into some detail about a guy that was doing the same thing on his squat, and it was traced to his one-sided deadlift grip. Started swapping the grip, and the squat problem went away. Might be worth checking.

All thoughts (including the wild ones) are appreciated. Brider, I’ll check into it. Thanks!!!