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Squatting Problem: End Up on My Toes

Hi guys! I have a slight problem when squatting. I go on my toes and shift forward. This problem occurs even without weight (body-weight squat only). I tried for several days to do ankle mobility things (no 2 and 3 from http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=1778726 ) and I can’t squat any deeper without going on my toes. Does anyone have a clue why else might this happen?

Thanks in advance.

It may be ankle mobility, tight hip flexors or most likely both.

Check out the squat rx videos on you tube, this one may be the one you need


Someone posted this on another thread a few days ago. It might help you. I taught my wife how to do a perfect front squat in 20 min by copying the teaching method here.

Thanks guys. The DJ seminar is golden.
I found a temporary solution, however I need to fix the underlying problem, My temp solution is to squat in heavy military boots. Does anyone know what does this mean?

That your hip-mobility sucks and you can overcome it by having your heel elevated higher than your toes.

Best way (IME) to learn to squat deep is to squat as deep as you can and isometrically hold the bottom position. Then go lower. Repeat these two steps until you stop seeing results. Come up and do another rep (I did sets of 3-4).

Goblet squats also work great.

Check out the 3rd world squat: http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=1856085

O_O I see many good things here, but can someone give me a straight answer what to start with? I Squat about 1/4 before my ankles go up, maybe i’ll

Post a vid of your squat, if you can. It’s hard to give advice on form without seeing what’s going on. And yes, I do think it’s probably your form.