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Squatting Pains

When I squat, I get a sharp tendon pain in the crease where my right leg attaches to my pelvis. This is probly hard to diagnose but for all you experienced lifters out there, does the location and “tendon pain” give away any possible certain form flaws or something similar? I’m not using much weight at all since im pretty noob to this lift.

Does this happen every single time you squat, or just a few times? and where exactly is it? At the IT band, hip flexor? Last, do you sit cross-legged; because it will inflame your hip.

It IS very difficult to diagnose what might be an issue of form without actually seeing you squat. Have you tried to vary your stance? Wider stances tend to shift the load to the hip flexors which might explain the pain. Try doing some close stance work (keep your spine neutral!) and see if that helps. You might also consider some single leg work to identify and eliminate any imbalances. As a new lifter you need to stay true to strict form. Lower the weight until you can do the lift pain free and then work up.

You also may be building muscle and strength (due to neural adaptation) faster than your connective tissues (tendons and ligaments) can adapt. This is not uncommon and will lessen as you progress.

As with any pain, if it persists or worsens, get to your doctor or a good physical therapist. Even if you could work through it, a PT will speed your recovery and help you lift pain free into the future. It’s worth the time and expense IMHO.

Good Luck & Stay Healthy!

Thanks for the replies,

Ive squatted only on my last 5 leg days, of those 5 workouts ive gotten this pain the last 2 times. I agree it could be my stance, I was kindve messing with wider and various things to see what felt right…

On the other hand now that you mention advancing faster than my neural and connective tissues are currently, that seems to make a lot of sense to me and im gonna chalk it up to that for now. Those pesky tendons will get better used to it pretty soon, thanks for the ideas!


I had a similar problem a few months ago. When I squatted, I had a similar pain in my left hip. This is what I did and I no longer have any pain while squatting.

I stopped doing squats and backed off on my legs a little bit for a while, mostly doing lunges and single leg squats of various types. I especially reduced intensity (weight) of lower body exercises and went mostly for reps of 8-10.

Try doing the stretch where you take a deep lunge while raising your arms as high as possible, I notices this stretch really hit the spot where the pain was coming from. I briefly stretch this way in my warmup now and once or twice a day.

Dynamic stretches (swings) with your legs to the front, side, and back of your body may help. Remember to start slow and easy after a warm up.

Also, make sure you warm up thoroughly before squatting. Side lunges may help warm up and strengthen the muscles/tendons that are giving you pain.

Narrowing your stance a bit might help as well.

I’m not a doctor or PT, but the way you described your pain sounded a lot like the way it felt for me.

Side Lunge (found in the article "Advanced Dumbbell Training)

Whenever I would get that pain, it would be me returning back from a awhile of non-squatting. What worked for me was bringing my legs out to a wider stance.

I had the same issue when doing squats (OH/front/back squats) and trying to keep proper form. Also, my lower back would hurt a tad bit.

However, after a couple of weeks of doing Goblet squats and Potato sack squats the pain went away, and my form improved.

check this video of Dan John showing how to squat