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Squatting pain

During the first six inches of the concentric portion of a deep squat i feel a fairly sharp pain in my right hip flexor (iliopsaos) muscle/area. This has been a persistent problem with squatting and i have not been able to squat heavy for a long time. My leg development is just not the same without my favorite exercise. Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated. I have tried wide and narrow stances and the only thing that slightly relieves pain is more weight forward and almost doing a goodmorning…
Thank you for your time

If that was me then very basically I would cut back on the rom and stretch that muscle group. You should also stretch between sets.

Sounds to me as if you have a hip flexor strain caused by lack of flexibility. I had the same problem a while back. I rested it for a while (2 weeks) and worked on my posterior chain and did loads of stretching for the hip flexors, tibalis anterior, glutes and hamstrings. IMO the hip flexor stretch is the most important. Work on increasing your range of motion.

Then I slowly got back to squatting by gradually increasing load and ROM. Have you tried box squats? If you can start off high and every week take it an inch lower. You can do this w/o the box of course its just harder to be exact. If you find this hard then back off and give your self longer at the same height.

Good luck.

I agree with my man from England Creed. I would start of with a high box squat and then work the height of the box down. Box squats work the hips, hamstrings, glutes, and lower back.

I’m assuming you mean up at the top of the front part of the thigh. I have had pain there before from doing extremely wide sumo deadlifts and squatting wide while pushing my knees out too far.

Try a narrower stance and sit back a bit more.


You also have to look at the etiology. If you have tight hip flexors then the odds are that you have an anterior pelvic tilt. If this is the case then you need to do lower ab work to counteract this, as well as the stretching of course. The fact that your right hip flexor seems to be much tighter than your left is also a worry. Having tight hip flexors is one thing, but it is worse when one is much tighter than the other. I had the same problem from spending hours a day practising my goal kicking for rugby. I was going to speel of the effects this has on the body, but will save you the boredom. I don’t know what you do for abs, but if you ever do any exercises with your feet being anchored for intergrating your hip flexors with your abdominal muscularture (i.e. doing ab work on the back extension apparatus), then I would replace those exercises also.

Blakester, I sympathize with how frustrating it is to have an injury that prevents you from working out the way you want to. You’ve got to see a doctor and probably a physical therapist to get a definitive diagnosis.

Since you indicated that this has been a long-time problem, I would guess that it’s not just muscular. It IS possible to tear the same muscle repeatedly due to the scar tissue that keeps them tight after they heal. If this is what’s happening, I would expect a pattern of healing, accompanied by feeling much better, followed by acute re-injury, when you immediately feel pain and know you’ve “done it again.”

Muscle sprains respond well to aggressive rehab, such as creed described, plus manual therapy to eliminate trigger points (such as Active Release Therapy).

If the pattern is more or less continual pain in a specific movement pattern, you may have injured a tendon(such as the ilioposoas tendon) or ligament. It takes more patience and care to rehab these.

It could be a muscle strain, do you feel pain with contracting that muscle and/or stretching it? It could also be bursitis or tendonitis. If I were you I would work on stretching and strengthening but try not to irritate. If its a strain, i would be very cautious on the stretching, very light.