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Squatting Pain Issues

Lately i have been having major problems with my squat. I have gotten it up to 230x3x5 and now i am having hip flexor pain on my right side. Because of this, my back is bending a bit and i am unable to improve at the squat. I am having extreme pain on my hip during my warm up sets and working sets and it is really hard for me to drive out.
Last workouts have been, 235x3, 235x5x3, x35x5x2

I think thats considerd a plateau but im more woried about not being able to improve even if i deload because my hip is still hurting.

I have been stretching but i am wondering if there is anything else i can do.

Incase this makes a difference, i have been recently told that i tend to lean to the left when i come out of the squat, i am trying to stay perfectly in the middle but idk if that was maybe the cause of the pain.

Thank you guys for any help

You might want to lighten the load and work on form a bit. I accumulated more than a few injuries when my main focus was adding weight to the bar every week. Have you tried video taping your heavier sets so you can see for yourself if you lean?

I agree with ryno, you need to Delia’s and also a video would be great to see your form. I’m sure most if not all of it is form related

it sounds like you might be to wide out for your squat. I use to get them till I found the right stance that works for me.

try doing some hip flexor warm ups

swing your leg in front of you and behind you a few times

squat warm ups with lighter weight then build to working sets