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Squatting...over the firey coals of Hell!!!


Yo I have a really bad case of hemroids and everytime I squat it....ok that was a joke..Here's the question.

I finally got a decent home gym together but I noticed my basement floor is slightly uneven and cracked..Now if the surface I am squatting on is slightly uneven will that cause me to create muscle imbalances?


If the floor has cracks, no.

If the floor is on a tilt, yes. The leg on the side of the floor that is lower will have to support more weight.

This sounds like a weird idea, but why not squat facing one wall, then with your back to that wall, then facing the wall... etc. If you change the direction you're facing (turn around 180 degrees) each set, then although DURING each set one leg would have to support more weight, it would even out the potential imbalance.

Oh, and the muscular imbalance that could potentially develop would probably be pretty slight, I wouldn't stress.


I would say just be careful that the uneven surface doesn't make you trip and fall and hurt yourself.

Other than that I would say just suck it up and squat.

I think too many people ponder on the what ifs. Maybe we should all just go out, give it 100% and then see what happens. I not trying to be rude but muscle imbalances, I think, is a bridge that should be crossed when you come to it.


I don't know if it will matter, but I know that I could never squat on it, because I would be paranoid.


I don't know about muscle imbalances. I would be worried more about stumbling!

You may not stumble over a certain rut or pitch in your floor after walking on it 1000 times. But, if you stumble just once on the 1001 time with a heavy weight in hand it could be disastrous!

I would take a little time and even out the rough spots with a bag of cement. It will not cost you that much, but could prevent an injury.

Train Smart! Train Safe! Train Forever!


if you are truly that concerned, just turn around and squat the other way.


I wouldn't do it.The floor should be perfectly flat and level.Shouldn't be too much work to mix up some concrete and level up a small area.


Is it tilted in two directions?

I can't imagine having one's heels slightly elevated would be an issue. Face toward the lower section.



I think it's safe to assume that your legs are not exactly the same length, your shoes not exactly the same thickness, especially taking insoles into account, and your hips are not perfectly alligned anyway, so if it's less than 1/2" difference does it really matter?



The real question is how tilted/uneven is the floor?

Are you talking a 1/4" over several feet? Or you talking a few inches?

Honestly if it's only a small amount like a 1/4" it wont matter. Your legs/shoes probably vary that much anyway.


The pitch is slight probably no more than inch..alright so basically what you guys are saying is just don't worry about it, unless it is drasticly uneven. Sounds good me!