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Squatting More

I am very interested in OLY. lifting, and since I saw that The big guy from Iran can squat like 400kg, I want to squat more. Right now I am working out 4 days a week m/w/f/s and do a clean day, snatch day and jerk day (basically CT’s HTT with the 30/20/15/15 EDT style timing). And sunday is a day when I just do speed bench and some tricepts. Currentally I do speed squats on my clean day and heavier squats on friday. Now I want to squat more. Any suggestions?

the athletes at the wichita falls regional olympic development center have had a lot of success with squatting 3 times a week, we squat only 3 times a week because we do a lot of volume, lots of sets of 5 for much of the year. lifters who squat 4-6 times a week generally squat with 3 or less reps, these are usually advanced athletes who want to maintain or gain strength without gaining any weight.

we generally do a pretty heavy squat workout, 5 sets of 5 or something similar, on monday and again on friday… while wednesday is heavy front squats for fewer reps or lighter back squats.

we work in cycles, trying to set personal records every 4-5 weeks, and generally doing it on a monday, with friday being just a bit lighter than monday. we always start each cycle with weights a little lighter than we can do, to try to build a little momentum leading up to the record setting week.

another option is to squat with high volume on monday, for instance 5 sets of 5, go lighter on wednesday, then on friday work up to one max set of 5… again, we do this in cycles, with the first week of the cycle being lighter both on monday and friday than what we are capable of, but working towards a record in one or both of these workouts on week 4-5 of the cycle.

if you are interested in squatting more than two times a week, you might try one of these programs. this type of training has produced good results here in wichita falls.