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Squatting Like a Complete Pu**y


I've been training seriously for more than two years now and ever since I've been trying to improve my basic lifst. To begin with I would say that my squat sucks. The problem with is my stance. Everyting else is good - my back is as straight and tight as possible, my arms position is the most convenient for me. The thing with the stance is that every time I go squatting no matter what stance I take my right foot goes in front of my left one and by that i mean a good, tangible difference.

Somehow it hasn't been such a problem up until now. In my second and third(which is now) month of 5/3/1 my power has gone down and my technique has changed for bad. Now I can't squat even in this manner. Every time when I look in the mirror when squatting( yes, my gym is a commercial one and is full of mirrors...) my right leg seems more internally rotated at the knee than the other one even though it is freakishly externally rotated at the ankle. It's been this way forever. Even when I walk, the foot is ext. rotated.

However if I try to place both legs at the same line when I squat my torso rotates to the right and I lose balance(like when I was learning ATG squat), I don't feel comfortable and my right leg gets very pumped(when I squat with uneven foot placement this happens to my left leg). I've been able to do a 1RM of 110kg with my "standard" from, 70kg ATG for 8-10 reps and now in this same way I am struggling with 60kg ATG.

I stertch every day for like 15 mins I can almost do a side-split and neither my adductors, nor abductors, nor flexors or extensors are tight... But it seems that this hasn't helped. With all the reading I've done in the past years nothing has helped me. It's clear that lifting requires more practice than theory. I can post some videos on bodyweight squat if it will help.

Thanks in advance!


Practice your walkout until you get it perfect. You're unbalanced as fuck. Stick your ass to the other side, i.e. if you keep on going to the left, point your ass to the right, or vice versa. It will feel awkward as fuck as first, but after a month or so your squat should start flying up. Make sure you are set up evenly under the bar as well.


hey man, good for you for reaching out.

First of all, it's your glutes, I deal with the same thing you're describing and it's because one of my glutes works and the other doesn't, I think it's from kickboxing and just using my right leg more.

Start doing single leg glute bridges immediately and daily for at least 3x10 per peg, but I'd prefer you build up to 10x10 per day.

Also learn how to flex each butt cheek individually, sounds weird, but you need that control.

Finally, don't just get a bodyweight video, video your whole squat workout from a variety of angles focus on the side and back, but include one from the front, also I need to see your posture from the side, front and back, wear tight underwear... I know it's ghey, but do it.

You give me all that, and I'll teach you how to squat in no time at all. Deal?


I'd like to second the "glutes" notion. Ever since I strained my left glute a couple months ago, my squat (and bench) have been becoming more and more unbalanced, and now I have an issue with my thoracic spine that seems to exacerbate the unbalance. I'm taking steps to fix it, but it just goes to show how important (and neglected) the glutes are.


I've been going over and over Bret Contreras stuff, but just his simple glute bridges ad unweighted hip thrusts are pretty hard, so I know I'm on the right track


If I understand you correctly, you have the same problem as me. IMO its more of a structural issue which is causing the muscle imbalance. Your right foot is over pronating badly, which causes the inward knee and hip issue. I'm gonna guess your right shoulder is rolled forward more than the left too? I've tried very hard to reverse it, but I don't think its possible.

You just have to make sure you concentrate on squeezing those glutes (especially the medius region) and aligning everything the best you can while doing exercise. Maybe try making your ankles more mobile too and get a pair of weightlifting shoes.


Dude, it is 100% reversible. I'm almost over mine now. Why don't you start a thread with your issues, include a squat video and picture of your posture from the side, both sides, front and back... I promise I can fix you up


Well, that would be great. Its just frustrating because I've devoted a lot of time to doing what I though would fix it. How long did it take you? The single leg bridges are a good suggestion. What do you think of single leg clamshells?


never personally done them myself, but if it works the glutes, it's probably good.

It took me 5 weeks to fix my posture, I simply squatted deep everyday for 5 weeks and at the end my posture was fixed... It was also the most painful thing I've ever done in my entire life, anything else runs a very distant second...

I had to understand what happened, and now I maintain my posture just keeping my pecs, shoulders, hips and ankles loose while doing a shit ton of upper back work and recently hams and specifically glutes.

And don't be frustrated man, I spent a ton of time addressing the problems I had, instead of focusing on the solutions and finding out why it happened in the first place, it's part of the process


Thank you for the replies! I will see if I can go to the gym tomorrow and get some vids. And abou the glute problems - you are right! I can squeeze my right glute but my left one sucks major dick. Every time I try to flex it my extensors get sucked in the process.


Same story as me man, it's very very common with anyone who has a history of kicking sports.

Post the vids and the pics and we'll get you all fixed up, not a doubt in my mind


And one more question. What should I do with my 5/3/1 progress now? It's clear that I will stop squatting with heavy weights. What about deadlifting? Next week I have to deadlift 135kg for reps.


K, what I would recomend, is to warm up with the lower body video above, then do this for your upper body.

Then set your feet in the proper position, there is no way you're allowed to use a split stance, go with a regular stance. Then slowly work up to a weight you can handle for 5x5 with no twisting, if it's light, make it heavy, control your descent and get tight as a motherfucker, make it like a negative. Go deep. come up flexing eery muscle in yout body, pretend you have 315 on the bar, and at the end of every rep you've gotta squeeze the shit out of your butt cheeks. if you start twisting, lower the weight and continue using proper form.

Squatting will fix you, just don't twist.

DO NOT DEADLIFT AT ALL. front squat instead doing 5x5, once again with a weight you can handle with no twisting, make it heavy, get tight as shit.

for assistance, work your hams and glutes like crazy, do single leg hip thrusts and glute bridges, look at a bret contraras article, there;s plenty to do.

Do military press, but I'd lay off bench. do dumbell flys, not machine flys, and tricep extensions. Bench will just mess you up right now. Do 5 sets of 10 flys, 5 sets of 10 tricep extensions.

Do a shit ton of back work, your press should take 15 mins, your back work should take 45 mins. if you need ideas let me know. Do it definitely on upper body days, and just upper back work on your lower body days.

That's a solid program that will go a long way to fixing you up, but post those vids and pics, and I'll help you out a lot more.

Let me know if you have any other questions, never be afraid to ask


I was doing something like 3:2 pull:push and my back got really tight. I've stopped doing anything but Military Press, Bench Press and DB bench just these 3. For my back I do 50 reps of pullup and 5x10 DB rows and BB rows twice a week. Now I am fucking up everything but bench and MP.


try again bud


Interesting to hear that this is often a glute problem, I didn't know that.

I second Black angus on the "just fix it" comment. I had/have a similar issue that I just kept ignoring cause I was getting stronger. I knew it would become a problem eventually though, so I just started making sure I did all my warmups with my feet set properly. At first, it felt like I was fucking kneeing myself in the chest with my right leg, but I just kept focusing on jacking that knee out the best I could and ignored how awkward it felt. Literally 4 or 5 squat sessions later I noticed a huge difference, it felt way better to line up evenly and, when my feet are a little bit uneven, its wayy less than before.

Sometimes there's nothing to it but to do it.


Whatever I do the video won't get up...I am gonna try youtube tomorrow. I just did some single leg bridges and I felt most of the contraction in my extensors. And I can do a set of 5 single leg squats. Does it help?


Stretch your hips before you try the leg bridge, and you have to kind of curl into it to focus the glutes, like a reverse ab curl.

And single leg squats would be great, build up to 5x5 on both legs. don't do extra reps on your good leg, if your left can only do 3, then only do 3 on your right leg.

upload the vid to youtube, then send it over man


The problem is that my left leg is stronger than my right one but is also the faulty one. Won't it get even stronger if I keep doing single leg exercises with it? The only problem in that leg is that I can't flex the glute...


I'm confused now. From the way you described things in your first post its the right leg that is jacked up?

And Larry, I think we may be talking about different things. No doubt with dedicated work you can fix a problem with a muscle not activating properly in around 5 weeks. Hopefully thats the only problem the OP has. For me though, my ankle/knee bones and ligaments have changed position over the years and I think actually getting my legs straight again is more complicated than that.