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Squatting Injury


Hey guys,

I think I may have torn my right oblique of my lower back squatting. I did this after foolishly coming back to training after 6 weeks off and trying to squat my usual weight. This was around 7 months ago now. I could barely walk at the time of the injury and a couple of months after I tried to return to squats and the pain returned in a twinging type feeling, more of an uncomfortable tight pain than anything.

I have spoken to two people both apparent experts one says to lift just under half my usual weight for a while the other says to avoid lifting. I'm eager to get back on it and just wondered if anyone else has had something similar and can advise?


Experts at what? Lifting? In other words most likely they don't know shit about a possible torn muscle. Why not actually go to a doctor?


that was extremely vague. Possibly the worst thing to do when trying to get diagnosed over the internet. You should probably stay 500 feet away from gyms if you want be safe.
Seriously though, see an 'expert' whos not a fucking idoit.


Both strength coaches, one guy has a sports science degree (said to do light weights) the other works in a strength conditioning gym (said to avoid weights) :confused: sorry for the vague post. Your prob right though maybe a Dr would be a good call. Suppose I was hoping to hear i could just crack on lol, either of you suffered similar and if so what was the outcome?


I'm a chiropractor who is ART certified. And I can't do crap unless i see you.


This isn't a job for a strength coach. It's a job for a doctor.


heres a story, i spent three years dealing with back spasms floating in and out of different pt's because they all sucked. Finally got an mri after a final spasm made m cry, found out it was degenerative discs, just early onset, figured out what i needed to do and havent had one for a year now.

heres another story, shoulder popped out of the socket a couple of times year during presses, eventually pinched a nerve and couldnt lift 5;bs overhead, spent a while listening to the just let it heal advice, FUCK THAT, found a sick ass pt who knew what she was doing and for the first time in almost a year i dont have numbess in my hand everyday, i can bench painfree and run painfree.

SO yeah, you could say ive delt with something similar.