Squatting in Squat Rack

i started squatting at the gym today after only using bodyweight squats at home for a long time. Being the amazing thing i am when i squatted down the saftey bars stopped me from going as low as i could. reduced ROM, bummer :frowning:

people at the gym were staring at my ridiculously low ass to grass squats <_<

the bars arent adjustable?? that really sucks then. what if you want to do rack pulls ??

lol…i didnt check --
thanks >

You sure are amazing. Maybe you should just continue doing body weight squats at home. You could super set them with vegetable can curls and 6-minute abs.

will do :wink:

Before we meet for tea my girlfriends and I warm up with bodyweight squats before we go on our power-walk.