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Squatting in Relation to Deadlifting


Now, i am not sure if this should be posted here, as i have been lifting for quite a number of years (this is my first post too) but i used to do Squats and Deadlift at about the same sort of rate/ numbers. For the last 3 years i have done no Squats, Deadlifts - yes, Lunges - yes but no squats.
I currently Deadlift 150kg for 5 x 5

Last night i decided to give Squatting another crack, i loaded up a feeble 20kg onto the bar and back squatted 1 x 15, 3 x 10, i then did 3 x 10 sumo squat.

Today my legs feel as if they have been battered with a stick!!!

Is this due to my legs not being used to stretching (ie deep squatting) or is this purely because i am doing something different, although i always thought the deadlift and squat were not massively different ?



This is simply due to you doing something different. Hell, a 10mm heall lift whilst squatting can make a difference. In terms of changing exercises, comparing squats to deads is like comparing cuba to australia....in other words there virtually nothing alike.

Sure theare lower body dominant exercises, but motor unit recruitment is so different it not funny.This also depends on the way one squats, ie box squats and sumo deadlifts are more alike than close stance front squats and sumo deads.


Cheers for the reply!
That does indeed make sense, i am guessing if i maintained my current deadlifting routine and also incorporated the squatting, whilst progressing, i would see quite rapid new muscle growth ?

Oh and i see you're from Australia, how come you didn't like New Zealand and Ozz.......?


I would advise incorporating both squatting and deadlifting into your training. I hesitate to say that if you incorporate squatting you'll see 'quite rapid new muscle growth' because it probably won't be rapid, and it still depends on how hard you push yourself.

That said, if you increase your squat and deadlift numbers significantly, you'll see some added muscle on your legs and lower back.


Exactly. Both are incredible exercises and should be utilised. However care has to be taken when programing, but when done properly both can be used ( sometimes ) at the same time.


At the moment, i don't feel i need to bring my deadlift up (plus i don't have anymore plates at home!!) as its 150kg which is 330lbs, but if i can get my squat to a similar level then there should be a noticeable increase in leg mass ?

I guess my next question is this, should i look to maintain the 150kg deadlift whilst bringing my squat up to a similar level or should i invest in more plates and continue progressing my deadlift as well as the squat ?


The answer is ALWAYS to progress. Constant improvement is the reason for doing what we do.


I appreciate the responses, its very helpful, but for the sake of muscle balance (and i am guessing injury prevention) would it be best to wait until my squat was on a par with the deadlift before progressing with the deadlift ?


Yerp. Deadlift and squat numbers are not neccesarily ment to be the same. Most people will be proportioned towards one of the two, so that will generally be the better/heavier/stronger exercise. A 100lb increase in both will be better than a 100lb increase in only one of the two


I must ask...
What are your goals OP...?

I assume it's just size because if your were training for strength the squat would definately have been in your return.


Where's the guy with the avatar of 2 women in bikinis with deadlifts and squats written by each woman. The caption said something to the effect of, "You'd be crazy not to do both".


Man I love that picture. It seems to frequent every lifting site. And rightfully so...


The last post has settled it for me!!
Squats and Deadlifting all the way.

Seriously though to the previous post, i am looking for strength and size, now excuse me if i offend anyone, but i want to be as strong as i look!!!


I hear ya. I'll settle for being strongER than I look. I want people calling bullshit when I tell them a legit raw max. But then, strength is my main goal and I just accept whatever size gains come along with it. When I reach my goals at the end of next year, I might start training a bit more for size... but I doubt it.