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Squatting frequency

How many times do all of you squat per week and with what intensity(percent of max)?

I only squat once a week using the GVT method. I’ll do 10x8 the first week with a certain weight, then 10x10 the next week before moving the weight up

If you can squat more than once a week, you’re probably not squating hard enough.

Brandon, when I was training for Olympic weightlifting I squatted two days a week. We usually did back squats on Monday or Tuesday and front squats on Thursday or Friday. I trained with heavy weights and low reps. We usually did multiple sets that consisted of 2-5 reps. And would occassionally go for maximum singles closer to competition time.

Now I squat once a week. I’ve been following Ian King’s advice and separate my quad/ham workouts. That makes a huge difference and enables you to really hit your legs.

I’m about to go back to one day a week of leg training because I’m going to follow Charles Poliquin’s 1-6 program for a month. After that, I’ll go back to Ian’s recommendation. I may begin doing sprints and am trying to get more info from Charlie Francis on how to incorporate sprinting and weight training.

How often you squat depends on what you are training for and how well you recover. Once every five days or once every 7-10 days may work well for you. Or maybe two squat workouts will work if you are training like I did for Olympic weightlifting.

I hope that helps!

The higher % of Max, and the more explosive the tempo, the more rest you will need. High reps(volume) require MUCH LESS REST. I personally have found anywhere from 3-8 days ideal depending on intensity,speed of movement, and other recovery factors(too many to list)

Nate, maybe last night was an unusual night for me then. I found I couldn’t push up those squats as well as I could last week–in fact, I had to drop them by 20lbs, and still did fewer reps for two sets. This is after a recent explosion of progress on my squats. So what I did was to drop to a light weight and do 2 more sets of higher reps to work on my endurance, rather than heavy weights for 4-6 reps for mass growth. And I’ve never been so sore! Doing these wussy weights, but at higher reps in perfect form, has kicked my butt. Maybe I just needed to change up my program, but I know I hadn’t yet adapted to the previous approach becase I had still been progressing. But my legs are burning today.