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Squatting Form


Hey when you do squatting, Is it ok to push the bar up little bit with your arms?


Not enough that the bar actually lifts off your body. But your arms will certainly need to be tight and tense if you are using a decent weight so that it does not fall backwards. But do not try to achieve momentum by actually moving the bar up or off the body.



I don't mean my squatting weight is light so my arms can lift the bar off myback. The bar still contacts my back but today I felt it's little easier to get up when i Kinda push with my arms. But yea the bar still remains on my back. And yea it does support me mentally and physically. I dont know what to do.


Drive upwards with everything. Think of it this way; why wouldn't you? It's advantageous to push up as hard as you can without losing proper position across your traps and shoulders.



Agreed, it should be challenging enough that the whole body has to be involved with the lift. Make sure to keep the elbows pointed more towards the floor to get the drive upwards then pointed back which will encourage you to lean forward.


U mean using arm support is a good idea?


I don't think you need to push it up.

You risk wrist injury.

I try to bend the bar against my back, it lets me apply virtually no upward pressure and the bar stays on my back.

I use a lower bar placement, keep my shoulder blades together and don't even have to use my fingers to keep the bar where I want it.


push it ALL the way up so your arms are straight overhead. Then do your "overhead squats" ... they is good, ja

actually for normal squats I think I pull down on the bar, not push up - pull it down to your neck/shoulders ... not push it up. I'd have to check that. Whatever the case, I don't want that bar going anywhere that my shoulders don't.


If you pull it down isn't it harder to get up?


How would it be harder? The line of bar will be the same with the same load. Its not exerting any extra force on the legs, your keeping it glued to your traps.

Sometimes I like to tense up the whole upper back with a closer hand spacing and pull DOWN on the bar. It keeps me tigher through out the torso and allows for a more fuild shoulder drive. It will also keep the torso more erect so your not falling forward. Hip/ankle mobility and flexibility has alot to do with that also, but that is another post I assume.


Another thing to be carefuk of is that i've heard trying t o push the bar up is a contributing factor to elbow tendonitis. I think Mark Rippetoe refered to it in Starting Strength.


I also pull down on the bar.
it solidifies the core and feels like it allows me to use more intensity when squatting, because i tend to feel more stable. meh.


What I was taught by people who know is to squeeze outwards with both hands, thus making the upperbody(especially upperback) very tight throughout the lift.


What I do and train others to do is pull your elbows forward as you spread the floor. If that's not clear, imagine having cords attached to your elbows and as you lift the weight someone is pulling your elbows forward. It forces you to keep your arch and keeps your shoulder blades together. It also keeps the bar secure throughout the motion.


Well, I guess pushing upward just little bitty bit is not good huh>?


There is really no point in it, not sure why you insist on it. Almost everyone else in the thread has suggested that it is best to pulldown on the bar to keep the upper back tight and helps drive the shoulders back out of the hole.