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Squatting For Strongman

I need help finding a good program for my squats. I do strongman and I’ve been squatting twice a week. One day is SSB Squats and the other is Front Squats. I’ve had pretty good success with 5/3/1 on my Front Squats. I’ve never really had good progress with 5/3/1 on my SSB Squats. What program or training style would be optimal for strongman?

Where are you in your training? Are you just starting out or do you have a squat event coming up?

No squat event coming up. Just want to squat to build my other strongman lifts.

Progress is always a positive indicator and 5/3/1 is a solid choice but remember the squat is rarely a competition lift. I squat after deadlifting these days. I know lots of people who have a dedicated squat day. There’s no hard and fast rule.

You need to balance out with other training priorities (including explosiveness, speed, agility, etc). No good being the squat king if you need to win a loading medley.

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I front squat every week with a clean grip. I rotate each week, with heavier focus on front squats, then the next week going lighter on fronts and putting more work into something like stones or sandbag.

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