Squatting Flexibility Question

when squatting i seem to get very tight in the hips- it almost hurts and is certainly uncomfortable. i have been stretching hip flexors and lower back/hams roughly three times a week aswell as all other bodyparts.

should i just up the stretching frequency or is there anything else i can do to combat this as i dont really want to have to give up squatting :frowning:

Do you foam roll?

er no. Do you think this will solve the problem them?

Anyone from the uk know where i could pick on up?

You could just have weak hips. Try dropping volume down a bit, foam rolling (Until you buy a “proper” foam roller, just use a tennis ball), and see how that does.

thanks will do :slight_smile:
i only do 4 sets of squat anyways so is this still likely to be an issue. If yes what do you recommend i do instead? is there any chance you could give me some advice on my workout routine aswel?

Stretch everday, and do bodyweight squat holds to stretch the actual movement. I think there’s an old article called 3rd world squat somewhere, check it out.

[quote]captain slow wrote:
Anyone from the uk know where i could pick on up?[/quote]

The best one I’ve found is the ‘PB Elite Molded Foam Roller’ from exf-fitness.com
It’s quite hard and hard wearing; I’ve used it regularly and it hasn’t lost its shape.

thanks, i’ll check it out :slight_smile:

post a form video, or at least get someone to take some pictures of you at whatever point in the lift you get pain. if you don’t know that your form is good, don’t go too deep, fast, or heavy. trust me, a lower back or hip injury is not worth it.

ok i just need to find the cable to connect my phone to the laptop :frowning:

it’s not so much when actually squatting (sometimes though) it is after the lift they feel tight as hell. I did some dynamic stretching for the hip flexors and glute activation before squatting today and it did feel much better.

When i was using the leg press i would get this aswel so im thinking it is to do with a lack of hip mobility as i tend to spend to long sittng on my arse- the last week or so iv’e been getting up every 15-20 minutes and just squeezing the shit out my glutes and also streching the quads. Seems to of improved the situation slightly.

also noticed I was developing that lumbar thing ( i think anyways), but after stretching my lower back everyday i was able to correct this - this was around 2-3 months ago.

I never used to have this problem when i was training before - i used to be able to squat 120kg for a couple reps at 65-70kg but slacked on my diet and gave up training for few month (bad move i know).