Squatting Every Day?

Have any of your done this?

What were your experiences?

Any pros/cons based on your experience?

I spent about 5 months squatting 5 days/week. I rotated how I was squatting and used different loading intensities throughout the week (volume stayed fairly low).

It was great! Never felt like I’d be too drained for the workout and my form was really locked in.

Give it a try assuming you have no health issues.

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I do some form of squat most days:

Back and front squats - not so much heavy, but slow eccentrics, pauses and various points etc. - getting the most out of light-ish weights (saveing my lower back)
Goblet (single and double)
BW + with weighted vest
Zercher squats
Single leg variations
I also DL heavy once a week or bi-weekly depending on my Muay Thai training schedule

Loading schemes vary for obvious reasons - hard, medium and light (with volume taken into consideration)

I also training Muay Thai so do quite a bit of kicking on the heavy bag. I built up my volume in regards to bag and squat frequency, and now train ‘hard but smart’. When prepping for a fight I’ll reduce volume of heavy squat work, but not necessarily the frequency. I find honing and ingraining good technique really helps keep my hips loose and has a positive carryover in regards to kicking technique. Few sets before and after bag work keeps me in the grove and more flexible.

I’m nearly 40 chaps, old but gold ;0)

When I was in my thirties I did a twenty one day squat challenge, alternating heavy and light squats. I gained 15 pounds and was complimented on losing weight.

I’m in my forties now, lifting three times a week and every day is a leg day, with upper body exercises in between to give my legs a rest. I’ve been losing a pound of fat a week. Deep squats are key to losing weight by lifting, IMO.

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do you guys finnish with squats or start with it when doing other bodyparts than legs that given day?

I squat every session. 5 days per week. (See training journal).

Sunday - Heavy Low Bar
Monday - Speed Low Bar
Tuesday - Paused High Bar
Wednesday - Speed Low Bar
Thursday - Heavy Low Bar

Frequency was the only thing to ever get my squat moving.


I squatted for 100 days straight many years ago. I worked up to a max every day and did maybe one back off set. I worked well, but my joints killed. I added around 100 lbs to my one rep max. I went from the mid 300s to easy daily maxes in upper 400s. After I moved back down to 2-3 days a week, I ended up gaining even more poundages on my squat. Frequency can be good. If I changed anything, I would maybe stick to near max attempts instead of grinding out singles each session. Keep the deadlifts and other lower body lifts to a minimum if you try this.

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