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Squatting/DLing in Skate Shoes?


ive used the search function and read a few different posts (on more than just this website) about squatting in skate shoes... i just wanted to get you guys' opinion on it. what constitutes a good shoe to squat in? flat sole? i usually squat barefoot, but i just got a job at bally's total fitness and i dont want to ask if i can squat barefoot... cause they have a rule about close toed shoes only.

so im assuming i cant :frowning: which means i have to educate myself on what a good squat shoe is. i dont particularly want to spend the money on a pair of weightlifting shoe, but i will if i absolutely have to. would squatting in skateboarding shoes be ok? i also have some dvs slip on shoes (very low under the ankle) that are totally flat... but theyre kind of loose. does that matter? is tight and flat what i want? should it come above the ankle? thanks guys.


For DLs, the lesser the heel/sole the better. Squatting is a personal opinion. Some like flat, others use a heel.

StormTheBeach uses skater shoes so they can't be all bad


I've used skate shoes plenty of times for squatting and deadlifting. But you have to make sure it doesn't have any of the newest "super impact insoles" or a gel heel pad. I loved deadlifting (and skating) in my vans eras.


That's cause in between sets STB ollies over shopping carts and shit.. Box jumps are lame....lol


Ripptoe advocates using a heeled shoe for deadlifts because it allows a lifter to get in the start position easier. I hate it because I feel like I'm cheating on my most powerful muscles.


IMO As long as the sole is stiff, the rest is up to you. I personally deadlift in skate'like shoes with the insole taken out so bottom of the shoe is basically a 2mm piece of rubber - perfect. For squat, I like a bit of a heel so prefer not to use skate shoes.


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Thanks guys! :slightly_smiling: skate shoes it is.


I used to DL & squat barefoot all the time but hot tired of pouting my shoes back on to tasker a piss. Got some Vibram 50s fingers...can't go wing with those.


I like my chucks, you can also get a pair of wrestling shoes cheap


Damn, didnt know many PLs skated! I pulled out the insoles from old skate shoes like suggested before but eventually I got a pair of chucks


nice lift; just a recommendation: letting the weight completely stop at the bottom for a second or two (like it resting on the ground for a second or two) after each rep, is supposed to really bump up your max. i think Christian mentions it in this video: http://www.T-Nation.com/strength-training-topics/deadlift
but idk. just an idea


This depends where you are weak in your lift...if you are strong off the floor, there is little point to resetting.


I usually let it stop and rip it off the floor (I usually dont wear straps too) but I'm working on the triples and doing the last 2 reps with a touch and go for now to see where it would take me


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(I was fooling around a bit) Its a deadlift standing on a skateboard if you dont care to watch, The folks who squat on bosu balls would love this crap


^^ laugh Nice! :slightly_smiling:


chucks, wrestling shoes, barefootshoes all work great for squats/deads, whenever i lunge or do single leg work though i have noticed i actually enjoy wearing a running type shoe, while a bit of a heel and cushion, feels more natural. I also have a pair of oly lifting shoes with a super small heel (maybe 1nch?) those work great too, just experiment.


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That would be cool at the X games. Have to deadlift 2xweight right before you hit the half pipe on your board.


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