Squatting Dilemma

I’ve been having an issue with squatting lately that has been frustrating to say the least. I think my shoulders might be imbalanced. WHenever I go in to put the bar on my traps I can
t seem to get it alligned right. I’ll try to get a video of it, but does anyone know if this is even possible to correct? It feels like one shoulder is raised higher than the other.

Even if I do get it close to being alligned, once I finish my set and bring the bar back, I notice that my left side has rotated slightly because the left side of the bar hits the rack first. And keep in mind that I am not turning my body at all. Does anyone know what should be done? SHould I just stop squatting all together?

Make sure your upper back/back in general stays flexed and tight the entire time you have the bar on it, as well as grip the bar pretty hard. That should help keep it in place.

Without any pictures that’s the only thing I can think of. The left side going into rack first doesn’t sound like much of an issue. Between picking it up, walking backwards and walking forwards, of course the bar might have shifted out of its initial alignment.

Separated shoulder at some point? Scoliosis?

You could try different bar positions. A higher bar position should get the bar to rest on the traps rather than the rear delt “shoulder” area.

Please don’t take this as some smart arse trying to be clever but are you sure you aren’t stepping up to the rack with the left foot leading. I would expect you to hit the rack with the left side of the bar slightly in this instance.

I think Si T is one the right track, I had a bit of a problem with this but it was just a little ocd and not really a problem. If you are legit leaning to one side when coming up then its a problem, but i feel like its more of a mind over matter kinda thing.

[quote]Stength4life wrote:
SHould I just stop squatting all together? [/quote]

If you feel the need to stop this exercice simply because you think the way your are doing it is not optimal then I suspect you have another issue going on. Ask your doctor to run an exam for vaginitis.

Interestingly, I posted here but it got deleted. Go figure. Anyway…you’ve made over a thousand posts on this site, and you don’t know how to squat?