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Is it ok to squat and deadlift in the same workout?


If you’re training for maximum strength, you don’t want to train the SQ and DL together all the time.

There is nothing wrong doing the two movements in the same workout from time to time. One way to prevent over training would be to substitute back Squats with Front Squats, or Split Squats.

No. You will die.

Depends on your goals and present condition; overall I find that in doing HEAVY (I mean near max) squats my lower back usually gets toasted pretty well… loss of proper form and fatigue then factor in on the deadlifts…
An upside to doing both in the same workout is if you are doing high rep squats (10-20 reps)THEN going to deads would be a better combo… reason being is that you are already warmed up and limber with so much blood flow going on in the lower body…
Experiment and see what works best… I usually do LEGS on one day, than a few well-rested days later hit LOWER BACK and SHOULDERS, etc.
Mix & match; keep your body guessing.


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Yesterday I did speed box squats and speed DLs in the same workout…

But, like Goldberg said, I am now dead.

Nonetheless, GFH!

Stiff legged deadlifts and Squats can be done in the same workout. Not optimal if you are training for powerlifting.

Mike Mahler

lol i just did a 15 minute search trying to figure out what gfh meant. finally i got it! i have selective memory.

about 7 years ago i trained at ernie frantz’s gym at there were several national and world champ powerlifters that used to squat heavy and deadlift heavy the same day. i think some of them still do it that way. one thing about training that way, you get used to long hard workouts and the meets don’t seem so tough. i never say one of them too exhausted to deadlift.

that type of training probably won’t work for most people for too long though.

Stiff legged deads are ok with squats. Ok, someone already said that.


I figured my comment would bring out some of the troops … Goldie in particular. hehe

Stiff legged deadlifts and Squats can be done in the same workout. Not optimal if you are training for powerlifting.

Mike Mahler

I couldnt agree less. Every friday I do dynamic squat and speed pulls against minibands. Ive also pulled heavy after max effort squatting on mondays. My squat and pull have gone up by leaps and bounds in the past year. Most guys on westside will do both in the same session. Actually there is no other way to do it because the squat and deadlift are trained on the same day.

goldberg seems to be pretty fast twitch in the lower body… the inability to resist fatigue will likely kill him,

I probably have a slower twitch lower body(good at cross country not as good at the shorter faster power based things)and can do squats and deads in the same day…

is it really a matter of doing squats and deads in the same day or is it the volume accumulated with doing both…

hey goldie and other guys with faster twitch legs, quick question for you.

if someone like you were to a particular number of sets and reps of squats. lets say 4 sets of 6 but instead only did half the volume and did deadlifts also so that it amassed to only the same volume that would occur durring a typical session where you would either squat or deadlift (2 sets of 6 of squats and 2 sets of 6 of deadlifts), then would they/you be able to squat and deadlift in the same day?

i wish i could do this experiment on myself but unfortunatly my fucken parents made me slow hahahhaha :slight_smile: