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Squatting Day After Deadlift


Are the squat and the deadlift to similar, to squat the day after you deadlift? I feel that deadlifts dont hit the front of the thigh as hard as squats do.


Personally, I always do Squats and Deadlifts on different days. Heavy backsquats are really tough on the back, so I usually give 2 days to heal before doing deads....or vice verca.


I do the same. Back squats and deads are too much for my back on one day. One of the lifts starts to suffer as the workout progresses.


You're right, the squad hits the quads more. But they both hit the hams and lower back. I wouldn't be comfortable doing them both with only a couple of days betweem them.

You either do them on the same day, where you should go easy on the weights with the second exercise. Or you leave a couple of days to allow the lower back to recuperate.


Well...that makes me feel better. I always thought I was a pansey for only being able to do deads or squats because my back was hit so hard.

No additional comments needed, thanks.


It couldn't be done using a belt?


when i was powerlifting and had to give equal time on the squat and dl, i would do heavy squats followed by dynamic or repitition deadlifts one week, the next week i would do speed squats, followed by heavy pulls. this kept me form overtrainig my back, but kept me in condition to pull and squat on the same day as required in competitive PL.

now, since i am old and fragile(heheh) and not competing, i would not do heavy deads and BACK-squats the same week, but front squats and deads i do the same week.


I squat and dead w/o a belt. Personally, I feel they are a crutch.


I squat heavy with a belt for compression purposes, but without on any dead. It just gets in the way.


i would squat on a monday then deadlift on friday. never use a belt except for rows were i want to eliminate stress off my back so i dnt overtrain it.


Me too here. I don't use the belt till I get 315 on the bar or sometimes lower when repping out. I like the stability. Never when deadlifting. Doesn't seem to do some much for me either way.

Find what works for you.


The question about the belt was in regards to squatting the day after a deadlift, thus protecting spine etc. from weak abs and back, from deadlifting the day before.


alternate movement is instead of doing heavy deads, do speed pulls or some sort of O-lift variation... it's lighter than your max deadlift and is basically a speed pull with a little flair.


I don't do this now, but when I use to squat and deadlift, I always do them in the same work out. I would do squat first then deadlift. For some reason, the squat revs up my nervous system for deadlift, I always have the best deadlift after squatting. I don't even bother warming up for the deads. If whenever I do only deads in my work out, the weights feels so damn heavy and uncomfortable.


I see why you may think that, but belts don't quite work that way. Without getting into the physics behind it, at the very least the belt doesn't help much with the upper portions of your spinal erectors. You'd have to wear a full-torso brace to effectively take the erectors out of squatting.

Or do hip-belt squats.