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Squatting Cues on the Way Up

During a low bar squat, what are you suppose to think of when you are getting the weight up? Some common cues I’ve heard of are chest up, driving through the heels, driving upper back against the bar, driving hips up, etc. Which is the correct cue?

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Well, cues are something you need to apply to each individual differently, imo. That’s because if he is fucking up with his hips or knees, shouting “chest up” in his ears is not really helping him.

For the squat I’d go as following:

  • back tight
  • ribs down
  • inhale into your obliques
  • hold breath, unrack
  • step back
  • inhale a bit more
  • think of a happy place
  • knees out
  • ass back
  • drop yourself between your legs
    and when you hit depth
  • drive through mid foot
  • hold your chest

that’s it

For me it’s:
-everything tight
-squeeze glutes
-push upper back against bar

Doubly hard at my sticking point. If I do these, everything else takes care of itself.

Different people sometimes respond differently to the same cue for the same problem. What works best for me is figuring out what might be wrong technically, then figure out the best cue to fix that.

My biggest technical weakness in squats is letting my knees drift backwards too soon and letting my hips shoot up and the above cues snuff that in a hurry for me.