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Squatting Correctly


I have been trying to tackle my squat form for some time now. I think it is due to not being flexible in my calves + hip flexors. When I start to squat the bar, my heels come up, and the weight transfers to my toes.

What kind of stretches should I be doing to loosen up, and should I be even attempting to add weight before I get form? How long can I expect this to take before I can squat properly?

Thanks for your thoughts.


If you are using no weight, you might actually find it easier to get into form with some weight on your shoulders.

You may have the bar too high on your neck.

Practice this:

Get the bar comfortable.
tighten up-chin level-abs tight
NOW-break your hips. This is crucial.
You want to sit back not just drop down.
Staying tight--feel your weight
Now think of this as you sit--
load your heels
then drive back up through your heels.

Now don't do all this thinking under tension. Mentally you may want a few cues, but get used to the set up-the break, and the drive.

Good luck


Good to see you post here.

I did 2 searches on articles for you. I found

Squat 900 Pounds - 10 surefire ways to help you squat BIG

Five Ways to Go Deeper - How to Get "Ass to Grass" when Squatting

And yes. Make sure you put some weight on the bar to learn form.


Thanks for your responses guys. I will definitely give that a try. The truth is, I can not even squat the 45 lbs bar with proper form. I think I defiantly need to focus on some flexibility... but what will loosen me up?


Yes, you really need to work on your flexibility/mobility + work your posterior chain (hamstring, glutes and lower back).


Ouch! Sorry man. I can't help you with that, because it's never been an issue wiht me. But try looking in the Authors section under Ian King.


My form when I squat:

Feet shoulder width appart.
Hands just outside shouler width.

The whole time, keep driving your elbows to the ground, that will keep your spine in the proper form and it might keep your heels on the ground.

if they are coming up you might be leaning too far forward, so use the tip above..but flexiblity is a must so use the other good advice these guys preceeding me told ya!

your already ahead of the curve for working on your form before you go heavy....most others aren't.


Not leaning forward. I have no problem getting the "booty arch" (chest up butt back & low back arch). I am able to pull quite a bit with proper form, but I have never been able to get the squat. I know it is essential if I want to get stronger/bigger, so right now, I will do whatever it take to learn it.

From what I know, dynamic is the right kind of stretching to do. But, the problem lies in what stretches would give me the most bang for the buck.