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Squatting Comfort - Degree of Feet and Strain on Hip Flexor

hey guys,

ive noticed when i squat deeply with my feet at roughly 30 degrees i notice my left hip flexor right by the front of the hip nags. i do a number of stretches before lifting including some yoga stretches but i still notice it

i however noticed today that if i have my legs further out, around 45-50 degrees, it really improves the feeling

my question is can i continue in this manner. will it effect anything else by doing so?


Happened to me started hurting a shit load after a while. I took a break for a week and revalued my form. My problem I was Not Pushing my Legs Out when i Squatting try to keep that in the your heard during the movement Push-out words and also make sure you sit back when you squat the NUMBER 1 flaw i see when people squat is they lean to forward it happens with all people some that squat shallow and those that squat Deep. Try fixing those and report back.

The wider your stance, the more hip-dominant is your squat. Keep doing stretches and add some MOBILITY work (hint: read Robertson and Cressey articles).

Static stretches BEFORE lifting … Really?
I don’t question this because I think it could be the reason for your hip flexor pain (suffered from this myself and optheta advice is sound), but static stretching before carrying out any type of lift is going to seriously undermine your performance when lifting and thus hamper progress.

The best time to carry out a static stretching routine would be a few hours AFTER training. This would be the best time … the reality is though most people just won’t bother doing this so static stretching should be reserved for the end of a training session. Any stretching done prelifting should be dynamic