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Squatting Career Over Pt.2


About 2 months ago I posted a message in relation to the problems I've been having with my left leg(TFL area) and the pain it gives me when trying to exercise.

This has been an off and on problem again for over 6 years.

I've seen a few ART specialists and while it temporarily alleviated the pain it always seems to reappear.

At the suggestion of a T-Nation member I went to see an MAT(muscle activation tecnique)specialist while home in Pittsburgh visiting family.

Forgive me if these thoughts are scattered but I'm just trying to recall what we went over in our 3 sessions.

  • I have very little dorsi flexion in my calves. This causes my feet to trun out when I squat. The right leg more so.

  • The right leg - which doesn't bother me at all - has a much more limited range of motion than the left - which is where the pain is located.

  • While Joe (MAT thearipst) didn't say that he definitively knew what the problem was, he surmised that the limited ROM of my right leg coupled with my lousy ROM in the dorsi flexors is causing a shift in my pelvis. This in turn is causing undo stress on muscles that aren't supposed to take on the load that they are and that is causing my pain.

  • He did give me an iso-metric exercise for my right leg to increase stability and ROM. He also gave me an exercise to do for my dorsi flexors.

  • I also remember him saying that strecting alone isn't enough. He said that you may increase the ROM but if you don't create stability through this new ROM you could cause yourself more damage.

Now let me state that I'm trying to remember so my recollection of these statements my not be pure.

I believe I learned from him and I liked the things he was saying except for two things. For one, his recomendations for squatting. He believed that going to paralell or below put undo stress on the joints.

Now I know from reading T-Mag that this is not true but I couldn't put up a verbal defence of my position so I let it go. And the other thing essentially had to do with an unsure diagnosis.

Now I haven't given his exercises enough time to work so maybe it will, but this problem of mine just never seems to go away completely. It's like being haunted and I need a 100% proper diagnosis in order to exorcise this demon.

If anyone has any thoughts on what I wrote it would be extremely welcomed. I want to tackle this problem once and for all. Thanks in advance!


I would say, Listen to Joe.

He have seen you and told you what he thinks have to be done. Give it time.

We here on T-Nation can NOT tell you what's wrong because we haven't checked you out personally! We just don't know, we can guess but what good is that??

If you have second thoughts about his diagnos, ask another specialist.

Good luck.


Next time you are comming to the Burg, look me up. I'll refer you to my guy. Aside from ART, he has about a gazillion other degrees and certifications.


That won't be until next May but if this continues I'll be sure to contact you. Thanks!