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Squatting Can Be Fun...

if you are deranged like me.

Wednesday April 5 and a great workout it was.
Well got into the gym and first thing I do is to grab the Ivanko bar. It is what we will use in the meet so use it now.

With the bar I do 12 reps then stretch. Then I put the suit on and do 10 with 95 then 135. Then belt on and 225 for an easy 3 reps. This will be a good one.

Then I do 3 reps with 275 and this is even better.

Next I do 325 for a good 3 deep reps.
Loading the bar to 375 I do 3 reps and still no knee wraps and all deeper than parallel.
The bar is loaded to 405 and time for full battle gear. I wrap the knees fairly tightly, straps up, belt tight and squat. The first rep is jus above parallel, so I make a point to dip the next rep. Result is about 1/2 inch below parallel. The suit is stretching nicely.

So one more time we load the bar to 445lbs. Last meet I opened with 440 and did it fairly well. Last year I did a double with this weight, but I was 55 then. So I tightly wrap the knees straps up, belt tight and go to the temple of the squat rack. I get under the bar, step back, head up and squat. I go deep and come up easily, so I try it again.

Even deeper and up with it. So I do a third rep, buried it an inch below parallel according the the card carrying judge watching me and came up with it. Oh hell yeah, best ever.
Then walkouts with 475 and 510 lbs.
Pause squats 2 sets of 3 with 250 and 275. Another personal record.

I wonder why the nookie girls do not cast admiring glances when you hit big squats like they do when you bench big.

They just do not appreciate true power, or good looking old guys.
Then to the abductor and adductor machine. I do 2 sets of each exercise for 12 reps each set.
Then finish off with reverse hypers 3 sets of 10 with 270lbs on the mast. I am so outta there, and time to go and kiss a married woman.

Wow, very impressive. Can I ask how old you are?

[quote]TigerFighter wrote:
Wow, very impressive. Can I ask how old you are? [/quote]

“Last year I did a double with this weight, but I was 55 then.”

Sorry! I just had to.

Duh… Is my face red.