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Squatting Briefs?


I keep reading in various articles about getting a pair of briefs to protect the hips when squatting, which one do you think are the best for hip protection. Also, will they work for olympic squats too ? Thanks


Metal briefs are good.When I was box squatting I would use an old dead lifting suit with the straps down.It wasn't enought support at all and made my hips very banged up.I think the metal briefs would be good to use with any type of back squat.


I like Metal also. Good choice.


I swear by my metal briefs. Yes you can use them for oly squat too. i use them for everthing from pulling to power cleans and box squats.


Titan Boss briefs are wicked. If you want to get Oly-squat low though- the Metal and Boss (as well as Inzer Predators- these are all very similar products) might require a lot of weight to get down.

When my Boss briefs were new, I took a bit over 400 to get to parallel. I imagine it would have taken a good bit more to get ass to ankles deep.


Since it takes me 700 lbs. to get to parallel in my Inzer Predators (the most powerful briefs made yet) I am not going to suggest those. All you need is a pair of Inzer powerpants. Go to inzer's web site and when you order them you will probably want to get them a size or two looser. They're much easier on the wallet too!


I agree with the Inzer power pants recommendation. IMO for hip protection there is no need to get double ply, which the metal and boss briefs are.


Thank you all guys, I'm going with inzer.


If your doing oly squats, just get a pair of rehband compresion shorts, for warmth and compression.

If you plan to powerlift with a super wide stance go with metal.


I was at the Inzer website and couldn't find anything (even with their search engine) for Predator. Do the have another name? Inzer has Groove briefs and Power briefs.


Go to IronGladiators.com and you can find them.

Mikesell sells them and also the new T-Rex suit that is a suit made of RageX material...


The whole point of the briefs is to protect your hips, unless you're horribly inflexible I don't know why you'd use them for Olympic squats.

And gatorarms, why on earth would you use briefs for Olympic lifts?


I wouldn't pay for top of the line briefs if I wasn't going to compete in Powerlifting, but that's just me.


I do oly squats once in a while to help my low bar squat. I don't squat very wide, a little wider than hip width for low bar squat and hip width for oly style, much like IPF squats. I don't compete yet since there is no meet where I live.