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Squatting and Sprinting Dilemma

I really enjoy squatting and sprinting, and I wanted to know if there was a way to incorporate them into the same workout (or if anyone has done so already). As of now I’m just talking about the 20-rep breathing squats and 400m sprints. Any ideas, thoughts, advice? Specific goals are to gain muscle, decrease 400m running time, and increase squatting poundage.



I would not incorporate them in the same workout, expecially if heavy squats are in the equation. A day of spine bending squats taxes your nervous system enough. if you can run sprints after REAL squats you are a better man than me. You can improve your sprint times by incorporating certain types of squats. I had a client a few years back who was a sprinter who I had do jump squats. (leave ego at home and go with much lighter weights) and doing heavier reverse squats in the power rack with explovsive movements. Leg press calve raises also helped him.

Sprinters do low-rep full squats for strength; 20-reppers are hypertrophy stuff.

If you’re into sprinting, check out charlie francis.

If you’re just into gasping, leg pain, endurance, and all-around fitness, check out Cross Fit. There is a link to a workouts archive containing (among other things) a workout consisting of 20-rep squats alternated with 800 meter runs, and a workout consisting of 21-rep squats alternated with 400 meter runs.

Ross Hunt

Why would you want to decrease your 400m running time.

There is no dilemma do the sprinting 10 minutes after your squat workout.

If you want more info you need to give more info I.e. training age, sport, ext., ext.

What are you attempting to achieve with these workouts? Are you an athlete… What level? and/or you just hard core?..I don’t think that’s a good mix. If you want to kick your own ass… Do what we did in college track. Run the 400 all out to kill yourself, then run 6 200’s 5 seconds slower that your faster time. Take 8 minutes rest after the 400 and 4 minutes rest between the 200’s. If you don’t puke, you didn’t run hard enough. If you want to squat and do something with it, I would push a vehicle for 50 yards or pull a tire or hip sled(Louie Simmons sytle).

I would definitely check out Charlie Francis’ website. His guys would squat or bench after their training, but only on tempo running days. Not maximal sprint days. I think he mostly prefers low rep work, around 1-3 reps, sometimes more depending on the athlete and what part of the year. Of course, I haven’t been to his sight in a while so his philosophy might have changed. I know Thibadeau used to post a lot on Francis’ site, maybe he could provide some insight?