Squatting and Other Issues from Muscle Imbalance

Hei guys.
I started golf since I was 5 and I have been playing for 13 years with high volume so I believe this is where the major imbalances came from. I am now a professional golfer in asia so I am looking forward to get a fit physic as an athlete.

I have tighter left lower back, I believe its the hip abductor muscle and whenever I squat if I keep my knees parallel to my feet, my right hips and pelvis drop down and backwards more than my left side.

2nd imbalance I notice is my right shoulder blade drops lower than my left shoulder blade. If I set myself up as a right handed golfer(the side I am playing in), it has a huge shoulder drop on the right side. If I set up left handed my shoulder line is perfect because my left shoulder does not drop too much.

My last muscle imbalance is in my glutes. My right glute is bigger than my left side. Unlike the first 2 muscle imbalances, I think the answer to this one is simple just by doing the left side in single glute exercise but I would love aditional methods to fix the imbalances too.

So my question is, how do I fix these issues? Imbalances on biceps or triceps are easy to deal with, but back and lower body imbalances are trickier. Because I have imbalances on the back, my abs also have some imbalances. I am currently doing bulgarian split squats(I am experiencing a lot of weakness and instability on my left leg) side leg raises to target the gluteus medius and minimus, again its easier to do with my right side because I feel tightness on the left side of the hamstrig joint on my left leg.

Any advice would be great because I would love to have a more balanced body then what I am currently in right now, and it will seriously improve my golf too. Thank you and I will really appreciate it!

Dude tbh you’re being super paranoid. I can definite relate lel.

As a Physiotherapy/Physical Therapy student I hope I know what I’m on about when I say almost everyone has something “wrong” with them. Some dysfunction, imbalance, etc. Factors such as dominant handedness, work/occupational demands, recreation/sport etc.

Considering almost every person has such things few actually end up having problems due to it. If it is currently causing you issues then it’s best to address it but if not leave it alone.

Frankly you are in no position to self assess, diagnosis or treat.

You’re best bet is to use some of that professional golf money and see an experienced physiotherapist/physical therapist and go through each of your perceived issues one by one.

Unless you golf left and right I highly doubt there will be any improvement to your performance. Much the opposite in fact, a changed body is one you’ll have to get used to using. I’m no expert in golf but I’m assuming like many other sports a sense of your body in space and during movement, your body’s ability to interpret and make minute changes and adjustments is crucial to consistent performance. Motor patterns such as your swing are learned in the context of your body. Changing your body so drastically will mess with these processes and more.

I hate to leave you with this so here’s an excellent video on hip shift in the squat. It may help you with that movement.

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Nice… my oldest son is going that route in school. He is targeting becoming a Orthopedic PA.

@khangles what year of school are you currently in?

Towards the end of 2nd year out 4

Really? so is my son. :+1:

@khangles is your son, Bulldog.

Um no…


Pls adopt meh

LOL…im not covering your student loans lets get that straight!!

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For the record if he tells me he played Football and Wrestled in High School I am going to start questioning that.

For the right price I’ll do whatever or be whoever you want mane.


Yea I am super paranoid I guess. Tour players do not have this much imbalances around the hips and during the time I wrote the 1st thread and this reply the imbalances are reduced. Thank you for the video link and I will watch it. :slightly_smiling_face:

And about the swing itself… my physical gains have positively contributed in my golf so far. I just want an athletic body and not a ripped body. Tigerwoods is a good example of taking the gym too far.

Tiger woods did pretty well tho.

Will reiterate that your best bet would be to go to a sports doc or physiotherapist and chat with them about the issues and they’ll probably identify even more.

You’ll be paying them good money but maybe for the performance benefits it’ll be worth it for you.

Gud luck