Squatting and Knee Injury

Alright, so about three weeks ago I finally got round to starting Rippetoe’s SS and have actually got my totally pathetic numbers in everything(most notably squat and bench) to go up a bit.

Problem is, after I completed the first week, I was involved in a car crash from which I luckily came out of relatively unscathed, save for some neck stiffness the next day.

However, my right knee(especially where my tibia meets the knee itself) is starting to get very sore in the past week and a half. It’s quite painful to put the knee into full extension and I squatted heavy(for me) yesterday and today the pain seems to have moved along my quad and even to the point where quads insert on my hips.

I have no doubt this is some delayed injury from the crash but I doubt all the squatting is helping.

And before people start about how I must not be doing the squats right because a correctly performed full squat has no effect on the knees and such, dont. I have read SS thorougly, I practiced the squat alot before I got near the weight room and my work out partner has reported that my squat looks pretty good.

My plan of action for the moment is to skip tomorrow’s workout(blasphemy, I know) in order to give the tissue time to heal(assuming it is just brused tissue at the moment) and resume to workout on monday albeit with a slightly lighter weight.

Has anybody had or heard of similiar injuries and maybe have some advice…?

see a doctor :slight_smile:

And then when the doctor says something along the lines of “clearly, the knee isn’t designed for those loads!” smile and nod.

Walk out the door knowing he’s ignorant about weight training in all likelihood. This is what I had to do when I injured my knees last summer.

It’s tough, but train with squat substitutes: deadlifts, hills, lunges, glute strengthening and activation.

I’ll undoubtedly be told that squatting(and probably weight training in general) is bad for my knee’s so he’s outta the question unless it gets to be agony(and it’s really only mild pain so far, but it still really shouldn’t be there)

I’m just gonna wait 'til monday and try it out again