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Squatting and Hamstrings


Everytime I focus on deep oly style back squat my hamstrings get really thicker (really!). I always been told that a low bar/wider stance squat hit more the posterior chain and that an oly squat hit more the quads. Am I missing something here ? I've got relatively good form on both style since I've been checked by a trustable OL coach last year and I've got the elitefts SQ/DL DVD for PL squat. Any input on this will be appreciated. Thanks for the time!


I don't squat PL style, but when I do my deep Ol back squats, I feel my hams working like crazy at the bottom of the rep too.


if you squat deep your going to hit the hamstrings and glutes no matter the stance.


When people are saying Oly squats, does that mean Powerlifting style, or is there something else different...


But in response to what I think you are talking about, yea as you go deeper you will get alot more glutes and hamstrings. If you look at someone squatting and the degrees at which his hips and knees independently get to you can get a good estimate of what he is emphasizing. For instance, someone doing a smith machine squat will feel alot more quads than someone doing a PL squat due to the differences in hip flexion at the bottom end ROM.


Oly squats, are a moderate stance deep squat...aka atg (ass to grass) squats. Olympic lifters squat like this because it has the most transfer to their olympic lifts.




Exactly. You just have to make sure you go below parallel if you want to really hit ham and glutes.