Squatting and Calf Aching

So I’ve searched the forums and found threads concerning calf pain, as in injuries, but lately I’ve been getting alot of DOMS in my calves after squatting, rather than pain from say ligament damage or bad form or whatever. I’m doing the Rippetoe’s. and I PR’d at 130Kg for 3 X 5, but I’ve felt the aching since about 110KG, which I’m now back down to, due to an illness which prevented me from training.

Anyway, my form is fine apparently, and I don’t seem to be driving with my toes more than my heels, so I’ve no idea what it can be. That said, I don’t get any DOMS in my hams or glutes, or if i do, not as much as with the calves, so it may be an isolation issue; maybe calves are getting used in there somewhere, I don’t know.

If anyone can give me any suggestions I’d really appreciate it.

Oh, and I’m adhering to the program rigidly - I’m not adding any calf isolation work in there on the side, although, that may be be the answer to the issue itself.

without seeing a video of form and working directly with you to find mechanical issues my only advice is back off squats a bit and add in a day of high rep seated and standing calf stuff. and stretch them more.

some questions:
1)how long are they sore?
2)where are they sore?
3)can you place a small plate under your toes and still squat to parallel?
4)how long before the soreness starts?

i guess one more thought is either try a squat day with less weight and more reps or a day with even more weight and fewer reps per set. kind of like doubles or triples but maintain the same number of total reps. and see if the pain/discomfort is still there in the calfs.

vids would help.

i get a lot of DOMS in my calves from front squats.

i figure it is a good thing - grow calves! Grow!

i foam roll / hard plastic ball roll the tension / knots which helps a lot.
under the feet too, for good measure.

maybe your form has altered slightly? not sure…

Sorry to keep you hanging. I’ll try and get a video, but I generally train by myself and unfortunately have an iPhone which, stupidly, has no video functionality.

As for the questions, the period of soreness is quite random, sometimes hours, sometimes a few days.
They’re sore on the outside, closer to the back than the front.
I tried squatting on the plates but couldn’t go to parallel, but that was with just the bar; I think that may be an ankle flexibility issue though. Anyways, I thought the idea is generally to put a plate under your heels to elevate them, rather than toes?
And the soreness usually starts about a day after.

As for the alternative suggestions, I’ve done different reps and weights etc easily enough. Soreness will only occur when lifting about 100KG .

And Alexus, you’d think it’s a good thing, but it’s kind of holding back my squatting; like the weight is light for my hams and glutes, but heavy for my calves. Who knows how they’re working themselves in there though. Also, I’ve gotta do heavy deadlifts or powercleans the same day as squatting, so having only half your leg firing is kind of annoying.