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Squatting 6x a Week


Currently doing a Upper/Lower Body type split. Three fairly normal upper body days, 2 primarily posterior chain days (SG High Pull, Deadlift, Goodmornings, Glute Ham Raise, etc) and 1 full body day (yoke carry, overhead barbell walk, farmer carry, etc).

I am squatting 6x a week before I start the rest of my workout for the day. If I want to cycle 2 low, 2 medium, and 2 higher effort days,what percentages should I be using? Right now, low effort is = 6x3 @ 60%, medium effort = 4x3 @ 65%, and high effort = 3x3 @ 70% with my low effort days corresponding with my lower body days. I make sure to never grind out any of the reps.

Strength is the primary goal. I respond fairly well to higher frequency workouts. My recovery is good but not perfect.


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How about:
3x6 with 8rm week 1
Add 10 pounds and do 4x5 week 2
Add 10 pounds and do 5x4 week 3
Add 20 pounds and do 3x3 week 4

Just a recommendation based on a solid progression model.

I would cut that down, put a 65 lbs backpack on and run with it a few days instead of that. Just my opinion.