Squatting 3x/Week, Getting Enough Ham Work?

I’ve been doing front squats twice a week and high bar 1x a week. My priority is upping the squat. You think I need extra hamstring/posterior chain work?

Depends on more variables. Give us a summary of the week, not just squatting.

Monday: standing press, front squat
Wednesday: back squat
Friday: standing press, front squat

That is a lot of squatting. But yes, definitely add deadlifts somewhere.

Improving your back squat or front squat. I ask as your are front squatting twice and back squatting once.

I rarely see any big timers conventional dead lifting. The ham exercise of choice is Romanian dead lifts.

My main priority is to get a big front squat, I’m back squatting once a week as to not lose form and add some variety… I use romalos 2 oly shoes, I squat shoulder width as low as possible on each, pause then explode as fast as possible, my last 4 week cycle I worked with 165 on front squats and 185 on back squats and went from a 225 to a 275 front squat, never tested back.
I think what I’ll do is add 5 sets of conventional deadlifts after back squat day, I did a conventional deadlift max today and plan to stick w/ 70% the whole time. I’m week 2 into the program. Each week I’ll add a rep to each set on the main lifts: squat, bench, deadlift, standing press. After 4 weeks when I’m at 6 sets of 6 reps( 5 sets of 6 for deads) I’ll take a week off and either retest maxes or perform the cycle over with +10lbs until I fail.

Week 2

Front squat: 175x6x4
Standing press: 125x6x4
Lat pulldown: 6 sets of at most 6 reps varies depending on how I feel
Captains of crush: 4 sets heavy

Back squat: 195x6x4
Deadlift: 275x6x4
Captains of crush 4 sets light

Front Squat: 175x 6x2
Standing press: 125 6x2
Lat pulldown: 6 sets depending on how I feel
Captains of crush: 4 sets moderate

Let me know if you think this is too much added cns stuff.