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Squatting 3 Times a Week

too much? Right now I have one goal: SIZE. I want to beef up my legs and put on some weight.

Want to do a 20 rep program, but I don’t have a squat rack. I’m not sure my form would hold up for 20 reps on front squats. Any ideas?

Are hack squats a worthy substitute for back squats in a 20 rep program?

I just really need to pack on some size in my legs. Thanks.

Keep the weights moderate, so your form does not give out.

Can’t answer if it’s too much or not, it depends on how well you eat and rest. Eat and rest more than usual.

Probably a good idea to post this in bodybuilding. They would know more if your one goal is size.

Its dependant on if you are truly working to muscular failure…?
If you are all likely hood would say that you couldnt squat three times per week. Then again Smolov programs involve squating 3/4 times per week… So it is achievable if adequate rest is supplied and sufficient nutrients are involved.
personally I would say doing the 20 rep squats more than once per week is a little to much.
Personal oppinion however.

On the question “Are hack squats a worthy substitute for back squats in a 20 rep program?”
I would say Hack squats are a great exercise but you should do your best to do back squats, front squats, leg presses and Sumo deadlifts (not all of them but you get my drift).
Do you train at home? If so my best piece of advice is to go to a gym. Not a “… Fitness” but a proper, Mouldy walles, dirty carpet & Smelly equipment type place where there are like minded people who will push you. Not to mention, places like the one ive described usually have the most effective equipment.

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In your case right now, I’d suggest GVT front squats instead. You don’t need 20-rep squats to get big.

squatting a few times a week is fine if you keep your weight at a reasonable amount. i had a friend that squatted that much to get a bit bigger and it worked.

keep your form 100% for 100% of your reps.

I would just make sure to rest the posterior chain the rest of the week. Chest supported rows and such.

No squat rack no problem…
Clean the weight and do front squats. Immediately after do straight legged deadlifts. If done three times per week try to work on 3 sets 5-8 reps per. If less days/week you can work in more volume. If you really want mass, eat a ton of food. Just my 2 cents. Good luck.