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Squattin' like Ronnie


Does anybody else do that style of squat like Ronnie Coleman? Where you hold the bar behind you, around mid-thigh and squat?
I tried this out last night and whoa is that something else.
There's little to no soreness today which is great but these are sons-of-bitches to perform! Kind of difficult.

What are these called by the way?


link to vid?


Hack Squat


Thanks! It was killing me that I didn't know the name to it.


somethin' like diss??


I can't view videos at work. Sucks.


I've never seen Ronnie doing those....and I've watched every vid he's released. Did I miss that section of the video?


When I saw him do it, it was a video on ESPN.
I haven't seen him do it since.
This was a few years back, real quick clip.


You don't need me telling you, but nice lift, you're a beast


Hardcore: Ronnie Coleman's Complete Guide to Weight Training, the book Ronnie wrote about working out he talks about doing Hack's.
Couldn't pull a link to a video though, once again, no access to videos at work.


I just learned something new about the structural integrity of those aerobic steps. Ho-lee shit!


i do these all the time
i love them


Well, I was just pointing out that he doesn't seem to do these even the "most" of the time. He seems to rely on squats, leg presses and walking lunges for the core of his leg training....and that seems to work well for him.

I guess if you just want to do them....but many people build really impressive legs without doing behind the back hack squats.


I never understood why these are called a "squat". To me, they seem way more like a DL, really almost like a trap-bar DL. Just semantics I guess.


Someone I was talking to here at work refered to these as a deadsquat.


Deadlifts long lost cousin.


I've seen Ronnie doing these for SHRUGS behind the back, but never for "hack squats".


Damn that is a nice lift! Awesome!

I'm curious if you feel that putting the bar on the steps helps target your quads better, or if it just to avoid hitting your calves with the bar. I recently heard about these and tried them from the floor with small plates under my heels. They smoked my quads and there was minimal back stress, so I loved them, but the one problem was that on a couple reps I slammed the bar into my calves and got some pretty nice bruises. It would seem like elevating the plates like you did might help with that, but I wonder how this would hit your quads since the ROM wouldn't be as big. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. I can't believe how heavy you went on those. I think they are harder than deadlifts.

This is an awesome exercise that you don't see too often. You can really grind out the reps too since you don't have to worry about heaving a bar on your back. I was skeptical, but I did a DC style widowmaker and my quads were trashed.


yeah... i have to start from a small elevation. if not, the bar immidiately hit the back of my legs and then gets caught on my ass. i definitely don't do these very often. i basically did them to see how heavy i could go. below is my last set with 700. i could see how they could be a good deadlift variation, much like the trap bar deadlift.

and for shits and giggles, check out the first comment. some dude told me that my left side is weak as fuck... i guess it couldn't be that it was my last sets with.. ohh.. i don't know 700lbs!!! i love youtube comments.


I'm not sure how you can have a weak side and lift 700 lbs, but don't forget, whoever wrote that was probably 15 years old, 3% bodyfat and could probably lift 800 for reps.

Nice lift!