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Squattin' Like a Noob!


(The picture has nothing to do with the thread; but I like it)

Ok, I'm not a newbie to this site nor lifting at all (7yrs training experience)

BUT, In july I hurt my back and haven't deadlifted since. I squatted for the first time since July last weekend (11/10/07) and it felt fantastic!! Here is what I did:

(this is pretty much a log for people to see my progress and to toss helpfull info in whenever and for me to keep myself going back to a 400lb squat!)


My lower back (the original injury) didn't feel any "pain" but it did tighten up right away....not a bad feeling though.

Next time I plan to keep the same 4x6 setup but put it to maybe 195 for the last one.

My back is hit or miss depending on a bunch of stuff. So we'll see how it goes.


in addition: the following days my back did not feel bad at ALL.



search for Feel better for a buck on the search thing, good sight on how to keep you flexible so those lifts dont hurt


I was too distracted by the picture to read any of the shit you said. lol Just kidding. I hurt my knee during football and now have to wait until its better to train with squats so I know how you feel about your back.


As long as your doing full squats, cool. I think you are looking at the weights your using. I see so many guys doing quarter squats, it saddens me.