squattin fool

Ok, so I’m doin squats tonight. I’m on my 5th set overall, doin 275. Well, usually, I have to hike my shorts legs up so they don’t wrap tightly around my legs. For some reason on this set, I forgot. I have my headphones on and I start my 1st rep. I go down, get to parallel, then POOOOPPPP!!! RIIPPPPP!! I hurry back up, rack the weight, and I’m like “oh shit, what happened.” I felt it around my ass. Well, my boxers ripped completely in half when I went to parallel. I busted out laughing so hard. But like a true T-man, I went to the bathroom, took them off, threw em out, and continued squatting.

The other day, a guy was doing DB flat bench, and he drops the weight down after a set, RIGHT ONTO HIS WATER BOTTLE!! The thing explodes and goes within a radius of like 40 feet. The dude was strong, so he was using probably 100lb db’s. I thought that was funny too.

Anyone else got some goofy stories from lately?

Thats hilarious. How anybody can squat in boxers is beyond me.

Thats HILARIOUS! Thanx for the much needed laugh!

I’ve had the same thing happen to me (ripped boxers during squats). On multiple occasions. Except instead of going to the bathroom and changing, I just kept doing my sets. I have a specific couple pairs of boxers I wear for squat day. The seam doesn’t go down the crack, instead theres 2 seams that go down each butt cheek. They’re quite comfy.

Read that as POP!!! not POOP!! That’s kinda funny.

I go down, get to parallel, then POOOOPPPP!!! RIIPPPPP!!

seriously thought you shit your pants when I saw the poop part of your story.

I’ve done that, but fortunately I was in my garage. I ran into the house, OJ’d the couch and flew into the bedroom only to find that my ass wasn’t hanging out of my shorts. I had just blown out my boxers. I swear it felt like I could feel the breeze on my ass, though.

‘then POOOOPPPP!!! RIIPPPPP!! I hurry back up, rack the weight, and I’m like “oh shit, what happened.” I FELT IT around my ass.’

LOL!!! I could swear youd shitted your boxers, and felt IT around your ass. POOP, RIP.

Im banging my head on my computer Im laughing so hard. Sweet - priceless.

chris - these boxers do have the 2 seems, 1 down each cheek. They are a size medium and they are tight when I bend down. Who in the hell knows why I forgot to change is beyond me.

Tighty Whiteys it is from now on!!

a true t-man would have just dropped his drawers and squatted naked!

DAMMIT!! Now everyone thinks I shit my drawers. I guess the truth had to come out someday. hahah!!

LOL… I’m with P-dog on this one. :wink:

I have considered investing in some boxer briefs or something of the sort for days when I do squat-type workouts, but I’m just too cheap. I have just enough money to be buying new boxers for when I run out as a result of ripping them during squats.

The worst part about ripping boxers is that until you rack the weight and nonchalantly check in the mirror to see what ripped, you have no clue whether or not your ass hairs are hanging out through a hole in your pants. You just have to hope for the best for that 2-3 seconds.

I spent an hour in the gym one day with a foot long piece of shit tickets stuck to my ass. I think it was on the bench in the change rooms because I didn’t go anywhere near the bathroom. anyway, nobody told me. It was a clean piece, but still embarassing.

I’ve also let some seriously loud farts go in the gym, but haven’t we all.


Keep it down over there!
@ss end included!

If I have gas on squat day, whoa buddy, look out. I will fart every time I go down. Sometimes, when I’m doing heavy bench this happens too. I just kinda laugh and don’t notice anyone around looking because I don’t pay attention to them. Who fucking cares, we all stink anyways from lifting/cardio :slight_smile:

Working out in the nude. Now that could be a new phenomen - kinda like that stripper cardio stuff.

Seated good mornings do me in every time. And when you’re doing them on a bench those farts bounce off the vinyl padding and reverberate around the gym…

good times…good good times


Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Shit tickets.

I need to go to the grocery because I’m running low on shit tickets.

What’s a fart? It’s the lonely cry of an imprisoned turd.