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Squatter's Shoulder

Hi all, done something to my arm/shoulder a while back, my right arm was extended as i tried to lift my sick german shepherd, (she had a stroke) from the back of my truck, she wriggled and panicked as i was lifting her but i didnt feel anything at the time, i got back in the truck and couldnt turn the wheel as i drove… anyway i wont go on but the pain is all around the lower armpit, the lat, triceps, and shoulder, cannot get under the bar for back squats as in reach back. I have had dry needling done 4 times in 8 weeks but no relief, can anyone shed some light please, thank you

You need to go see a good sports medicine orthopedic. No amount of guessing will help. It could be anything. Trust me, I just finished my THIRD rotator cuff surgery and sometimes the weirdest shit can cause a tendon tear. You need an MRI to see soft tissue damage