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Squatted My Body Weight Today


Finally squatted bodyweight today 5x5. Booyah!!



Congratulations, you're on your way to becoming mediocre.


Good job...time to set new goals.


good job...now bump the weight up again and keep going!


congrats, good to reach your goal, now just increase the weight with good form!


congrats. time to set a goal of 1.5x's bodyweight or 2x's. Or even try to work up to BB lunges at bodyweight, they will realy corect any imbalances you might get if your only doing squats. A couple more: sled drag on flat/incline/decline surfaces at B.W. for a total of x's(you pick), Or Farmer walk's with B.W....same as above and work your way up to 1.5 or 2x's B.W.. Heres a few to think about and once again congrats, your now just one more step closer to something of the above. And when you get there, set a 2.5 or 3x's. Like I allways tell myself "ROME WASNT BUILT IN A DAY AN EITHER WILL THE BODY I WANT".

stay strong,



i'm sorry, but i might have missed where you wrote what your bodyweight is.

congrats on the lift, but what is your bodyweight??


155lbs. Let the flaming begin hehe I lost 30 lbs in Iraq and it took me a semester in school to unfuck myself and get back in the gym.



Hahaha. So harsh.

If it's your personal best, then more power to ya buddy. Keep em coming!


        Good to hear you are back to your training, just enjoy your training and the gains will come. Understand your situation, it will be good for your mind, just make sure all your squats are to the basement and acheive in your grades at school, all the best.



On a serious note, why did you lose weight in iraq? No access to a gym? MRE's not enough?


Way to go dude...keep pushing it!


You kidding right? My little brother lost 40 lbs during his first tour in Iraq. Something about less than 2 hours sleep a night for six weeks and the constant fear of being shot makes for a somewhat stressful environment not entirely conducive to weight maintenance.


PERSONAL BEST. Just keep repeating those 2 words. They are self explanatory. Good work.



not so hasty, perhaps he weighs 1200 pounds?


OO-RAH! Congrats, keep it up.


Not everyone is in infantry. I was just curious as to WHAT caused his weight loss.


Congrats. I hope its only one of many PRs in the years to come.


I'm a grunt, but it wasn't all that intensive given the fact that I was sent to work with an artillery unit for base security. I just found myself working 18 hour days and got burned out of walking a mile up and a mile back from the chow hall for every meal plus midrats.

That and I fell into a depression when i lost my squad on a trumped up hazing charge. Apparently artillery reservists and active duty infantrymen have different ideas as to what the Marine Corps is. It is also kind of funny how both Marines involved didn't think they were being hazed, just the corporal whom I was about to relieve as team leader for losing his bearing during a rocket attack in front of his men, as well as leaving a radio with crypto alone around a bunch of civilians. It is also funny that the guy who got my job happened to be said corporal's only friend. I'm still a little bitter if you can't tell. Pretty much why I left the unit. I'll never work with pogues again.




My little bro is headed over for his second tour this April. He is an AAV mech., so you wouldn't think he would be too busy, but apparently those things fly across the desert. He tells me it was "drive all day, fight all night," for about six weeks.

Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for your service. You got my respect no matter what you squat. Keep up the good work. Eat, sleep, lift every now and then, and get bigger.