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Are front squats and overhead squats as good as regular squats. Are the muscles being trained different by the different styles, if so how?

I have the back of my neck pierced and the bar gets rubs on it a bit, I dont want to take it out, but if I need to I will


Both front squats and overhead squats are good. However, you won't be able to use as much weight as in regular squats.

Front squats hit the quadraceps harder than regular squats. Overhead squats are pretty good too, if you can manage to do em properly, as they hit your core harder than regular squats I believe.


Try the "safty squat" bar also you could try squats powerlifting style where the bar sits lower.


place the bar on between your traps and rear delts


dont know what the safety squat bar is, any info


hold up.... back of your neck pierced????? WTF???


yeah, its a surface piercing, barbell stud, thats bent like a staple. You can get them alot of places, front and back of neck, top of wrist, the one in middle of chest looks hot on women when they show cleavage, ive seen them in alot of areas. i used too have 6 of them on mu shoulder blade, but took them out because they were getting irritated from benching/lift where i had to lay down.
I dont have any current pictures, just google "surface piercings"


also my favorite website for piercing/tat information and pictures



Yes they are the next "big thing"... they've always been around just need to be utilized more.

Yes the muscles are trained differently. Both are amazing. A lot of complaints regarding those movements are regarding flexibility.

For instance in the front squat I find that most people are flexible enough to perform the movement easily. If you can touch your ear... you can rack the bar... just move your elbows in & bam you have the position. Most people that complain about their wrists hurting usually have weak abs and bend forward when they squat downward thus causing the bar to roll into their hands rather than be supported by their shoulders/upper chest/ clavicle.

OH Squats is...everything. Everything has to work. A LOT of flaws can be overcome through overhead squatting.

But you can't really add weight to these unless you have a solid back squat.

The back squat cannot be replaced.

I'll say it again just to be clear...



oh and why is the back of your neck pierced..........sounds pretty interesting got to look into that. (I'd never get it but i have a fascination with piercings, tattoo's etc).

and why is the bar on your NECK.


I was actually thinking the same thing....


I was reading this post and I couldn't figure out if a "pierced back" was a slang term for a medical procedure...maybe from a different country - heck if I know, lol.

Well, since back squats are out you can certainly get a great deal of benefit for Hi-Box Step Ups as well as Overhead and Front Squats.

Good luck.

In faith,